DealExtreme: Super Cola Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Super Glue)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I speak of purchase Super Cola Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Super Glue) acquired na DealExtreme. This is the second tube of this cyanoacrylate glue I'm buying in DealExtreme.

At the time of Article on first purchase, I had not used the glue. Today I used it a lot and I can say that Super Cola Aron Alpha is an excellent cyanoacrylate glue. It worked perfectly with various plastic items; with the sole of a shoe that funky, after pasted, I've been using almost daily for months without taking off again; girlfriend in a sandal that had to be glued to an emergency break minutes before leaving home, being that there would be time for her to go into his house to get another; among many other uses.

Super Cola Aron Alpha em nova embalagem

Aron Alpha Super Glue in new packaging

How do I know that the tube 2 grasses Super Cola Aron Alpha will not last a lifetime, and I also know that purchases of DealExtreme usually take a while to get, I have decided to go ahead and buy a new tube to leave the reserve. A Super Cola Aron Alpha comes with new external packaging, but the inner packaging appears to remain the same.

Mencionei not like JA Article on first purchase, a Aron Alpha is a trademark of adhesives produced by Toagosei Co. Ltd., that is well known in Japan, their country of origin. A Super Cola Aron Alpha is a cyanoacrylate instant adhesive, type of glue whose most famous representative in Brazil's Super Bonder. On Article on first purchase you can see where are the internal Tube 2 tail grams, the pin aperture, etc.

Instruções da Super Cola Aron Alpha no verso da embalagem

Instructions Aron Alpha Super Glue on the back of the pack

The Tube has no cap, then after open always recommend letting it stand in the refrigerator and. It's easier to leave it standing placing it inside the yellow outer tube. I believe that the absence of purposeful cover is to prevent it from the actual paste cover as with most cyanoacrylate adhesives. Case haja entupimento perto do bico (probably will happen), no need to appeal to pins and needles as in other glues, pea Super Cola Aron Alpha now comes with a little piece with a metal tip to unclog the nozzle.

The refrigerator is to maintain Super Cola Aron Alpha in cool and dry, since the cyanoacrylate glues dries on contact with moisture in the air (and that is why when we overthrew these glues hands and tried to wash, they just dry faster still). The recommendation to keep it in a cool dry place is also in the package. Rereading the Article on first purchase I see that I mentioned that he could not let the glue out of the refrigerator also because of the temperature of 34 º C that was here in the office 23/02/2010. Today, 31/01/2011, is slightly worse, are accurate 35 º C here in this moment, which makes me feel a certain lack of time writing articles This scenario.

The outer carton says Super Cola Aron Alpha is an all-purpose glue. But, on the back there is a list of materials for which it is recommended: PVC macio, Polyethylene (IN), Polypropylene (PP), Fluopolímero, Paper and Silicone. It can generate clicks or dissolving the following materials: acrylic resin, polycarbonate, polystyrene. And finally it is not recommended for: metals precisosos, plated / galvanized, "Expensive stuff" and glass.

The purchase was made in 11/12/2010, sent by DealExtreme in 15/12/2010 and got em 26/01/2011, term within the standard year-end. Packages without tracking number, describing the product as "stationaries", declared weight of 17 grams, and declared value of $2,71 USD (U.S. dollars two), that is the real value of the product, fleeing the standard DealExtreme ever declare a lower value, what should have happened by now it is something with very low value. The package was not taxed.

Pacote da DealExtreme com a Super Cola Aron Alpha

Packet DealExtreme with Super Glue Aron Alpha

Pacote da DealExtreme com a Super Cola Aron Alpha

Packet DealExtreme with Super Glue Aron Alpha

And I ended the article on Super Cola Aron Alpha Here. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Saulo Benigno

Basic question, it is not the same thing as a Super Bonder?
It's basically the same price not?

She is so much better than a Super Bonder? It has better quality?

Fiquei curious.

Saulo Benigno

Skooter, valeu pelas informações 🙂
Good to know this difference.

Bruno Herrman

Buddy, I need you to take me quite a doubt if possible
Please, responda aqui e por email também 🙂 obrigado.

Then, I did some shopping, Xbox controls for PC, and + 2 products.

He stood at the Waiting for supliers (Waiting for Suppliers)
us 15 days, the term of which was 1 a 4 business days.
nor had arrived on holiday in china yet, pq can tell me?

Obs.: All products were available!!!

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