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Hello Skooter Blog readers. Continuing to article about shopping in supermarkets in Canada, Today I'll talk a little about the supermarket cards. No Brasil, cards supermarket is not much use besides serving to piecemeal purchases. I'm not much in favor of splitting, because we know that Brazil has the highest interest rates in the world. So I prefer to use them only when really necessary or if you can not get the interest in embedded value. This business of 10 or 12 without interest on the card actually just means that interest is already built into the price and you will pay it even if you choose to view the purchase.

Parcel grocery shopping is even more dangerous, for food products, Hygiene, cleaning, etc. you probably have to buy again next week / next month, and if you chose to see only piecemeal plots multiply to the point of having several plots to the same month which together equate to the value of a complete purchase. For these and other cards have no supermarket in Brazil. Perhaps there is a supermarket that gives other advantages in addition to the installment card, but I still do not know.

But in Canadian supermarkets things are different. I believe most of them, Senao all, offer some kind of card that offers immediate discounts on future purchases or, then it is worth having them, up because the process of obtaining them is quite simple. No Brasil, to make a grocery card you need a good dose of patience, provide a lot of data and vouchers, have your life analyzed, after all you are giving credit and do not want to take default, some? But in the land of moose and maple, to get the card from the supermarket just fill out a form with basic details like name, address, phone and deliver the box, you already receive your card at the time and is now enjoying the benefits that same purchase.

In my first purchase, the first supermarket, even lost the discounts have not received this tip before, I ended up taking the form in the box and taking home to bring on next purchase. But in other supermarkets was smarter, the form asked the cashier when I first arrived, filled the inside of even using a mini pencils that are in the section of lottery tickets (yes, you can buy lottery tickets at supermarket) and has delivered on the first purchase.

In the picture below you see the cards of the three places I bought more: Safeway, Shoppers and Save-on-Foods, they were the ones I was closest to home, but I know of others who also had their cards. Moreover, This tip also applies to U.S. supermarkets, in a purchase there was also asking for card, I did not like the clerk used her, I got the discount at the time and she with points for future purchases. The last item in the photo there is a chaveirinho-lantern DealExtreme with the tagzinho Save-on-Foods, because besides the card, they also give you two tags for you to place your keys. So if you forget the card can simply display the tag that also has its barcode.

Cartões do Safeway, Shoppers e Save-on-Foods, e tag para chaveiro do Save-on-Foods

Safeway Cards, Shoppers e Save-on-Foods, and keychain tag for the Save-on-Foods

On Safeway Always two there are several products on the shelf prices: the regular price and the price for those who have the card, which is always cheaper. In some cases the discount is valid if you buy two or more of the same item. Because these items are usually food or hygiene products and cleaning that sooner or later you will use, then it is worth buying just two and get the discount. One nice thing there is that every product has the label, beyond the unit price, price per gram, liter, or whatever the unit used to measure such product. So you do not have to do math to know which product is actually cheaper when there are packages with different amounts. Just check the price of soda or softener per liter, the price of dental floss or toilet paper per meter, and so on.

Soon after passing all the products box asks you card, reads the barcode and you see the discount when you got with these products Promotion. If you forget the card, just saying / typing the number of the phone is in your sign. It is clear that in some cases the discounted price is actually the normal price competition, then in practice you would be using the card just to not have an increase, but in other cases the discount is real. Even if you make monthly purchases, sometimes it's worth just pass the supermarket once a week, or check the offers on the site, to see if anything on your list is not in promotion, and so do their stock.

A Shoppers is not a supermarket, is a chemist that also sells toiletries, some cleaners, fragrances, handbags and accessories, foods like candy, pretzels, sodas, toys, videogames, etc. Moreover, I did not find any drugstore that there were only drugstore as we have in Brazil. Besides Shoppers, what I noticed is that every supermarket has a section of medicines, being uncontrolled in their own shelves to reach the customer, and others to meet with pharmacists. Thank God never needed drugs there, maximum needed a lip balm (is not freshness, will walk the streets with -8 º C to see how your mouth is), I do not know exactly how it works, I do not know you need a prescription and can be purchased only with the indication of the pharmacist. Just know that dipirona, component which is common in many analgesics in Brazil, is prohibited in Canada. Knowing this, I took my cartelinhas of Lisador among other common medications that must be present in every journey.

In Shoppers there are always several products with discounts for those who have the card. They are usually quite generous discounts, Limited Time (one or two weeks if I'm not mistaken). It was one of those deals that I bought four cans of Pringles potato for just under C $ 5,00, ou C$ 1,25 by unidade. Speaking of Pringles, be sure to check the flavor “Four Cheese”, that does not exist in Brazil. Besides the products with rebates, every purchase you earn points according to the amount spent. Accumulating a certain amount of points you can redeem them for discount on your next purchase. That I did not get a discount because they would get to have spent C $ 800,00 to achieve minimal 8.000 points to redeem a discount of C $ 10,00. No big deal, but it costs wallplate. The relationship discount / points increases as the amount of accumulated points.

Em uma das promoções da Shoppers: quatro latas de Pringles por C$ 5,00 (dólares canadenses)

In one of the deals of Shoppers: four cans of Pringles by C $ 5,00 (Canadians U.S. dollars)

Finally no Save-on-Foods, There are several types of advantages with card. As praxis, there are discounts when you win just for having the card. You also earn points on every purchase and can redeem them for discounts on specific products, that will also periodically changing. Finally there is a third kind of discount, the supermarket for some readers bar code in which you present your card or keychain and he releases a list of discount coupons for you that day. If you want to use some of them just introduce him(s) in box. On Save-on-Foods you have option of receiving direct mail with promotions via e-mail, and it is interesting to see how well they apply the data mining and put in your e-mail just the promotions of products you usually buy.

I can not speak for other supermarkets / stores because I have not tried them card. I know Zellers it also has the, and other shops / supermarkets should also have. But anyway, you already understand how it works: make the card and pay less.

And I'm ending here. The next article in the series on Canada, closing the issue of supermarkets, will be on foods that you find and you will not find in Canada. Fortunately most of the products consumed in Brazil I met in Canada without much difficulty, I met others in Canada and miss in Brazil, and unfortunately also has products not found in Canada. You might have better luck. Until the next article.

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Rodrigo Reis

Here in BR has something in Sugarloaf. I think calling card more, client but.


Skooter, it's time to let laziness aside and publish the next article about Canada! hehehe
I personally am really enjoying this series.


Very interesting and useful these your posts about Canada, Fabricio.
Estou lendo all. Congratulations!


it is not for lack of return Fabricio… lol

Always accompany your post from DealExtreme, and I'm enjoying these mto about Canada, will continue puder, I appreciate and thank.


Gilmar Steps

never comment on blog lol but gotta come to plead for the continuation, I am planning to travel to canada and information is never more

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