Small changes in the layout of Skooter Blog and social tools

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I announce some small changes in the layout Skooter Blog. Despite minor, they gave a beautiful job.

For some time now I I integrated two social tools on top of each article, Twitter with Facebook and retwittar button with the button “enjoy”. The Facebook plugin has been changed several times because all caused a problem. A hindered the layout, the other broke our feed RSS, which went unnoticed for some time. I apologize to readers who read us by feed and that ended up not being aware of the latest updates.

To resolve the problem satisfactorily the only solution was for the hands-on and implement connectivity to Facebook manually. Despite being something simple once you learn, the first time is tricky. O result is aí, Now we have the button “enjoy” at the top and in the footer of all articles. So if you liked an article, do not repress, click “enjoy”. 🙂

In the left sidebar you will also see a box where you can enjoy the whole Skooter Blog. She was placed there a few weeks ago, but has not received much attention. So if you like Skooter Blog, Recognize clicking the box “enjoy” da ali outer lateral também.

Finally, Another modification was on the homepage. I always liked to display the latest articles in full on the homepage, but it was making her very heavy. The only solution was to leave the opening words of each article on the homepage, the way it was done with the categories. With the difference that now the stretch is greater, so that the reader has a better defined idea of ​​what you'll find in every article. So, the home page should load faster. If you adopted (or not approved) this change, leave a comment. Ah, and if approved click “enjoy” this article also ;). And retweets are also welcome.

The caching system also has been greatly improved. Furthermore, Also we have the site mirrored on multiple servers distributed globally, which should lessen the load on the server and speed up loading of pages for all. Be sure to inform us feedback if you feel any difference.

The only bad news is that the mobile version of Skooter Blog, Optimized for mobile phones, had to be temporarily disabled. It is incompatible with caching mechanisms and there were some problems of mobile pages to display for users desktops. I do not know if that affected many people, because I have no idea how many readers use the mobile version. The reports give us some idea, but not sure if these visitors are loyal readers and casual visitors. Therefore, if you used the mobile version does not let us know in the comments. With the homepage getting lighter, is possible that even the full version can be opened in cellular, which was not possible before. Be sure to report.

And that's it, wait for the next articles and be sure to honor. 😉

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