Problem and Solution: Memory card is only read when inserted before the Windows (or before inserting the card reader)

This is another article in the series about problems that made me waste hours searching for a solution, I like to register to help others with the same problem, and also to help even if I find the problem in the future and I do not remember most of the solution. And since I happened to be looking for a solution on Google and found an article by Skooter Blog, I had written, a problem that I have not forgot you had. If you do not remember either the problem, obviously does not remember the solution, then finished article being useful.

The problem of today's article is exactly what the title describes this. When you put a memory card (SD) a card reader, it is identified by Windows, but appears as if it was not formatted, and it is not possible to read, unless Windows is started already with the memory card inserted. Windows in question is Windows 7 from 64 bits, but it is possible that the problem occurs in other versions.

I noticed this problem for the first time with the card reader built into my Dell U2410 monitor. Until then I read SD cards in a USB card reader purchased at DealExtreme, not presenting the problem, probably be connected to the USB port on the card already inserted in most cases. With the reader monitor Dell, the workaround I found was to turn it off and turn it back on now with the SD card inserted, which restarts the card reader and then the reading is possible. This solution does not please me, but the branch broke for a while, while not found time to do a decent diagnosis.

Yesterday I received an Internal Card Reader + Hub USB 2.0 from 4 bay doors for the 3.5″ (da DealExtreme, review em breve). I bought it to replace my 3.5 floppy drive″, since my new motherboard has more for floppy disk controller. To my surprise, occurred the same problem that occurred with the reader monitor. The difference is that Internal Card Reader has no way be restarted without restarting Windows itself, since the connection is internal. So, the only way to read this card reader was already start Windows with the card inserted. Remove and reinsert the same card (another card or) problem led to the card being identified as not been formatted, impossibilitando to Leitura.

Two completely different card readers experiencing the same problem led me to believe it was something in Windows. I tried in vain some possible solutions, found in some network, among them:

  • Delete everything related to USB device manager and let Windows reinstall everything. This solution not only solved, as almost left me with a computer unusable since the keyboard and mouse are USB and also stop responding when deleting the USB controller in which they are. At such times it is good to have an old PS / 2 keyboard saved for such occasions, it was he who saved me. In the future this type of solution can no longer be used: my current motherboard still preserved a single PS / 2 port for keyboard or mouse, but in the future PS / 2 ports tend to fade.
  • Reinstall the chipset driver package from Intel, which also reinstalaria USB controllers 2.0
  • Reinstall the drivers of the USB controllers 3.0
  • Make a reinstallation of Windows (using the upgrade option)

After all these failed attempts I decided to try what they should have done from the beginning, I used the utility msconfig (Start -> Run -> msconfig) to make a “diagnostic startup” that loads only essential services and this solved the problem. The next step was to see if the problem was caused by some program or some startup service, and discovered that the problem was in any service. From there the way it was going off service by service to find the responsible, and behold, the head turned out to be a service called “Marvell Storage Management Service”. I do not know if this service was already in my system yet because the old motherboard, or if it was something I installed with new motherboard, which also uses the Marvell chip to control two doors SATA 6Gbps (SATA 3) and two eSATA ports 6 Gbps. The fato is desabilitando it, the problem was resolved and did not notice any side effect.

With the service disabled, I can insert and remove memory cards in both Internal Card Reader as the reader of Dell U2410, that both make reading anytime, no problem.

Itm summarize: solucionei The problem desabilitando Service called “Marvell Storage Management Service”. Not sure how to do it? Painel of Control -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

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