Refill Cartridges HP 940 (Impressora multifuncional HP Officejet Pro 8500)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Already for some time that this section refill cartridges stood. Today I decided to update it to talk about the refilling of cartridges from one of the most modern printers from HP, a HP Officejet Pro 8500, I used multifunctional HP cartridges 940. Procedures should also serve for other printers that use the same cartridge.

The information I am putting here is what I got with my experience in refilling these cartridges in my printer itself, procedures were obtained by trial and error and with the excellent tips from staff Forum Hardware Secrets, mainly this topic, I recommend a full reading for those who take the time to learn the secrets of this printer. I would like to thank the people of the topic that shared their experiences and gave great tips, I will not name names to avoid the risk of forgetting to anyone.

The first step is to choose the ink. This printer, far as I know, is the first line of HP Officejet using pigment ink in each cartridge: black, Cyan, magenta and amarelo. Then no specific ink for the previous HP it will. Some people use dye inks after doing thorough cleaning cartridges, printheads, etc. but I find it a huge waste of potential printer, that uses pigment inks just to be able to offer better resistance to water and itself fading that occurs with the passage of time the dye inks.

That said, community consensus is that there are only 3 really good pigmented inks for HP cartridges 940, that listarei following:

Of the three, I've been using the OCP is, as the representative of InkTec sells only by phone and the Sensient take long to bring specific inks for HP 8500 to Brazil. Remembering, again, only specific inks for the series 8000/8500 should be used, because the other inks are dye.

More onde acquire tais inks? You need to be very careful with the fakes out there, therefore recommend only official representatives:

Below inform the codes specific to HP inks 8000/8500 (cartucho HP 940) so there is no mistake when buying:

  • OCP BKP 272 (black), CP 272 (Cyan), YP 272 (yellow) and MP 272 (magenta);
  • Sensient DPJ 8600 (black), PDJ 8620 (magenta), PDJ 8640 (yellow) e DPJ 8660 (Cyan);
  • InkTec HLP40-01LB (black), HLP41-01LC (Cyan), HLP42-01LM (magenta) e HLP43-01LY (yellow).

Some people prefer to use bulk ink or cartuchão due to high volume printing. It is not my case, so I'm fully satisfied with load original cartridges. Not recommend these cartuchões and bulks simply because they do not have the bag system and diaphragm of original cartridges. In the original cartridges the ink is on a scholarship where there ar, with a small separation before the outlet nozzle containing a valve through which the ink passes in only one direction. The printer presses a diaphragm which often exists in this part to push paint in the same (toward the printheads). Then, the diaphragm returns to its normal position by pulling the ink bag. The diaphragm has a dual function, he not only pushes the ink into the printer actively, it also tells the printer when there is no more ink in the bag, in this situation because he does not return to original position, due to the fact the bag is sealed. Using cartuchões bulks made with or without cartridge bag and without diaphragm, the ink passes through the printer only on account of the pressure difference which occurs as ink leaves the print head to the paper. This inevitably ends up resulting in air hoses and the print head, which ultimately results in failure until it is removed.

To do recharging need the following items:

  • 4 Seringas of 10ml each
  • 4 blunt needles
  • 4 Caps (the same used in bulk ink)
  • Stylet
  • Small screwdriver
  • Paper toalha

The syringes will be used to inject ink in the cartridges. Are common syringes that can be purchased at any pharmacy. Usually they come with an extra wall around the nipple thread, allowing the needle to be threaded. This part needs to be carefully removed with a stylet to allow the tip of the syringe between the cartridge, facilitating the recharge.

The needles can also be purchased at any pharmacy and serve to remove air that remains in the cartridge after refilling, this procedure does not seem to be mandatory, but it is good to prevent air from hoses and ends up in print heads. We recommend sanding the edges to avoid sticking the bag of cartridges.

The caps can be purchased at Free market. I recommend seller (RODTEC1), from whom I purchased my. Previously I wore Allen Parafusos for this purpose, but the caps have proven most effective in not allowing leaks.

The stylet used to cut the adhesive cartridge and facilitate removal of the lid which gives access to the refill hole. The small screwdriver is used to remove the ball from the orifice cover rubber recharging. Eu usually use a chave do Tool kit 30 na acquired freckles DealExtreme, with the point 1.3. Finally the paper towel to wipe the ink eventually leak during refueling. To prevent dirt also recommend lining where vai work and use latex gloves, because the ink can be difficult to remove from hands and fingernails.

With all the tools at hand, Let recharge. First, located at the base of the cartridge that is only part into place and covers the output of ink and refill hole. Carefully guide the stylus on one side to be able to open that lid. With the lid open you expose the refill hole. Inside is a small rubber ball, remove it with the aid of a screwdriver. Right now enters the air bag and the diaphragm that was trapped by the vacuum back the origin position, this is normal.

Now you use the syringe to inject ink into the cartridge pouch refill hole. Ideally you should do this with the cartridge tilted 45 degrees, so that the charging hole is at the highest point. Insert the syringe tip (Needleless) Ink refill the hole and press the plunger, injetando ink inside the bag. No final, just pull the plunger slightly to remove air that may be inside the bag, generally a little air back into the syringe before starting to paint again. Repeat to fill the bag. Note that when the bag is filled with ink under pressure and may be splashing when the syringe is removed, Avoid this situation by charging slowly and always remove the air. With a bag full, insert the cap to cover the orifice recharging. Some people use the original sphere, mas it damage after a few refills. Clean the ink that eventually leaked to the paper towel.

Now is the time to remove air that may have been in part with the ink outlet, usually an amount of air equivalent to pressing the diaphragm, it back to its original position when the refill hole is open, drawing air into this compartment. To remove this air hold the cartridge tilted 45 degrees, this time with the ink outlet at the highest point, rock the cartridge slightly to air (but as a regulator tinta) upload. Insert the syringe needle with the plunger fully depressed in the ink outlet port. Make sure the needle Insirir only a few millimeters, until past inlet valve, to avoid sticking the bag. Pulling the plunger slightly so that it removes the air that was next to the spout, only 1 or 2 ml is usually sufficient for this.

Clean again any leaks and snap back the plastic cover that covers the hole charge. Soon, recharging is completed. Note that the printer will not recognize the cartridge as full again. It will print a little longer to detect that you are using non-original ink. Note that because she knows that the cartridge is lasting much longer than the amount of ink original allow, and she knows that the cartridge is still the same because of this chip in it. Thereafter the indicator ink quantity will no longer appear, because she has no way of estimating how much ink is in a cartridge refilled, but the operation continues normally. Note that the printer ink used records that have not original, and this will probably void your warranty, least the print heads.

Although not able to monitor the amount of paint, you need not worry about the paint finish, because when this happens the diaphragm will not return to the original position, just as when the original ink, and this time the printer is out of ink warning that. Then just reload again.

Even with all the care, eventually there may be air in the print heads and failures begin to occur. Right now I recommend using a snap & fill to suck air from the printhead, while the ink enters the nozzles, but I'll leave that for a future article.

With OCP inks and these procedures'm having excellent results, printing with quality very similar to the original in both text and pictures and figures. And I'm ending here, This article is my way of giving back to the community because I also received enough tips when I started doing the refilling these cartridges, then hopefully these tips can also be helpful for others.

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Hello I enjoyed most of the tips I got a doubt and I think you can explain q,
q vc diz (need not worry about the paint finish) but if the red end of the chip Nau becomes invalid?


Thank you for attention.

I did recharge my 940 printer and does not accept…what should i do?


Hello, I wonder if air is getting the print head. I just swap the two heads and yellow paint over (had already been recharged) and the printer does not warned. Conclusion: not more ink out.

I await return.

Eliel Teixeira

friend tell me something……if I make this charge will again show the ink levels ?

Good Day I would like to know the phone a few companies that make the sale of Pigmented ink, I live in São Luís-MA……..


Good morning you know someone who sells ocp in recife-pe??? fig no aguardo.


obg. Another thing you know someone q sells combo for hp 8000

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