ShopTo: Killzone 3 (PS3)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about buying the Killzone 3 do Playstation 3 (PS3) acquired on ShopTo, directly from England. The Killzone 3 is a game of first-person shooter (first person shooter) exclusivo do Playstation 3. Although many games first person shooter have been released in recent years, the Killzone 3 is clearly above average, scenarios with very well built and excellent graphics.

Killzone 3, ainda lacrado

Killzone 3, still sealed

The Killzone 3 is also the first game of Playstation 3 being dubbed into Portuguese of Brazil. A English version being sold by ShopTo has a wide variety of languages, including Brazilian Portuguese. The voice acting is decent, did not get to see how the original English dubbing, but this is acceptable in Brazilian Portuguese. Vale warn that there are a lot of profanity in voiceovers, Contrary to what happens in dubbed movies, where they all tend to be minimized and replaced with words like “motherfucker”, “drug” (as translation of shit), boob (English bullshit), etc. But anyway, the game is not for children. In England he received the seal of “18”, in other words, suitable only for adults, which is probably due not only to the language used, but also to violence characteristic of this type of game. Rating was given similar in several other countries, I do not know how he stayed in Brazil, but the same should be. Anyway, the story seems half-assed, anything that deserves close attention.

A capa do Killzone 3 (PS3)

A head do Killzone 3 (PS3)

Another novelty of the Killzone 3 is the support for motion control, Playstation Move Motion Controller (and or Playstation Move Navigation Controller) to provide a different experience, where the Move is used in weapon handling and how to aim and shoot at enemies. It is clear that the motion controls are optional and you can only play with the DualShock 3, that option will likely be those who are already used to playing games to first person shooters on the Playstation 3.

Parte traseira da capa do Killzone 3 (PS3)

The back cover of Killzone 3 (PS3)

Another accessory is supported Playstation Move Sharp Shooter, official accessory that you attach a Playstation Move Motion Controller and an Playstation Move Navigation Controller to have an intuitive and immersive shooter games. If you read previous article, know I bought a Playstation Move Sharp Shooter, and I'm really enjoying playing the Killzone 3 her.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Killzone 3 (PS3)

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Killzone 3 (PS3)

Besides all this, the Killzone 3 also offers an option for 3D TVs, it is also very interesting and further improves the immersive experience provided by Playstation Move Sharp Shooter, In addition the environment designed for the game.

As a buy, was made on 07/05/2011, the same day I bought the EA Sports Active 2 and the Playstation Move Navigation Controller, who had arrived well ahead of the Killzone 3. Like these other two shopping, I opted for shipping without tracking, which at the time was still available. But unlike the others EA Sports Active 2 and the Playstation Move Navigation Controller, who arrived less than a month and no taxes, the Killzone 3 was taxed by the IRS in U.S. $ 23,24. How has no stated value, considered the rateable value as £ 15,00, slightly less than the actual value of the product that was £ 20,85. As £ 15,00 converted into reais gave £ 38,73 and, therefore, the tax was £ 23,24, corresponding to 60% R $ 38,73. Even with the tax rate and its absurdly, was still cheaper than buying the same game in Brazil, because game + freight + imposed Saiu por cerca de R $ 85,00, while in Brazil the same game prices range from R $ 124.00 to R $ 199,00.

Note that das 3 shopping: Killzone 3, EA Sports Active 2 and Playstation Move Navigation Controller, only Killzone 3 foi tributado. What he's different from other? Simple. He is the only one that came in the package of standard cardboard ShopTo, that seems to be targeted by the IRS. The EA Sports Active 2 to have the accessories comes in a bigger box, that ShopTo placed in a white envelope. The same happens with the Playstation Move Navigation Controller, that the shape of the container also had to be sent in the envelope blank ShopTo. This just confirmed my theory that the IRS is taxing all (or nearly all) packages ShopTo that comes in cardboard box, in other words, every game that comes in simple Blu-ray box; but they are letting pass without taxes packets coming nonstandard, in other words, the accessories, games on special editions, games that comes with accessories, etc.

Pacote da ShopTo com o Killzone 3 (PS3)

Pacote da ShopTo com o Killzone 3 (PS3)

When a packet is taxed without trace, he “wins” a label tracking Postal in Brazil, that was what happened with the Killzone 3. Unfortunately, the client only learns the code after receiving the notice of Posts, what normally takes a few days after the package becomes available for withdrawal. By this time I had already completed the “Lost Parcel Claim” the site ShopTo and they had to refund me and I had already made a new purchase, but I will speak of this later. I did not get the question Killzone 3 taxed just because I was waiting for Playstation Move Sharp Shooter, that would be used fairly com or Killzone 3. As she ran the risk of being taxed, eu prefer aguardar and, in case of taxation, save a trip to the post office. But fortunately Playstation Move Sharp Shooter not taxed, Then the day I received it, I search or Killzone 3. Here is the tracking:

Data Local Situation
08/07/2011 15:04 AC (Removed) Delivered
25/06/2011 09:58 AC (Removed) Waiting withdrawal
Address: (Removed)
24/06/2011 10:45 CSD (Removed) Routed
Referred to (Removed)
24/06/2011 05:27 CTE CAMPINAS – VALINHOS / SP Routed
Referred to (Removed)
22/06/2011 22:05 CTE CURITIBA – CURITIBA/PR Routed

As mencionei, when I was told that the Killzone 3 had arrived with taxes and was waiting at the Post Office, I had already been reimbursed by ShopTo a few days later and had already made a new purchase of the same game, this time with tracking, and the new package was already on the way. He was then awaiting his arrival to return it to ShopTo, but behold, suddenly the tracking showed that the package was sent back to the sender by the IRS, consisting in tracking how “Import unauthorized”. Here is the trace of the second package:

Data Local Situation
18/07/2011 17:45 SAO PAULO CTCI (GMEXP/EMS) – SAO PAULO / SP Routed
In transit to INSPECT / CUSTOMS
14/07/2011 10:30 SAO PAULO CTCI (GEEXP) – SAO PAULO / SP Routed
14/07/2011 10:04 SAO PAULO CTCI (GEEXP) – SAO PAULO / SP Returned to Sender
Unauthorized Imports
14/07/2011 09:36 SAO PAULO CTCI (GEEXP) – SAO PAULO / SP Waiting withdrawal
14/07/2011 08:35 SAO PAULO CTCI (GEEXP) – SAO PAULO / SP Awarded
In transit to INSPECT / CUSTOMS
Received / Brazil

The tracking is completely foreign, see that it has not gone through Pinhais as usual. Instead, passed the inspection in Sao Paulo. And from the back seems to be treated as EMS. I do not know if this new path is due to the “Unauthorized Imports” or if it's on the label starting with code tracking in LY, I had never seen before, it is the new freight (e only) da ShopTo.

But why the package was returned? For that “Unauthorized Imports” theoretically if everything was within the law as it ever was? The answer came from own ShopTo, who stepped forward and has warned that this could occur even before I contact them. Here's what they wrote via ticket (I received notice by e-mail) sent em 14/07/2011:

Caros Consumers,

The ShopTo would like to inform all customers that had items that Brazilians barred by the IRS , because the new requirements imposed by the Authority, that all our items from now, follow to Brazil with the declaration CN22. This statement shall specify the content and value of the product in dollars.

Regarding the orders that were returned to the IRS by ShopTo, when products are returned and passed on to our system, we will refund the same automatic. If you prefer the product to be resubmitted , Please confirm the desired option by ticket (ticket) in your account with us.

Thank you for understanding,

Shopto Team

Please note that this ticket is only informative, if you wish to contact our Customer Service, can open a ticket or contact them via phone:
RJ 0 (21) 3958 5547
SP 0 (11) 3957 0305

In short, the IRS, always accepted packages ShopTo normally, inclusive by paying great part Deles, now resolved to refuse all packages on account of them not rely on the declaration of contents and value. This declaration is made in the form CN22, it wont be included in purchases that comes from everywhere in the world, but curiously not usually included by the shops of England, HE knows-because. I know this because I have received from other shopping stores English statement without content or value, although not all. Probably not charge english mail this form who put. Here in Brazil the Postal require this form of sending goods, But usually allow shipping of CDs and DVDs as letter and without statement.

As I received the first package with the Killzone 3 and it would return to this second package ShopTo, made no difference to me IRS to resolve back directly, just saved me the job of waiting for the package to arrive here to refuse it, so he ended up returning before. But who was waiting for his purchases turned a pretty inconvenient to have to wait for the package back to the ShopTo to be repaid and run out the game, and still stay in the dilemma of buying new, Now with the form CN22, or purchase at another store.

Now ShopTo will have to include the declaration of contents and value in all packets, which will likely result in the collection of 60% tax on the actual value of purchases, instead of the value that the IRS kicked (normally lower). This will likely derail purchases in ShopTo, it will be more advantageous to buy in OfferHouse, in eStarland, or other shops. The accessories and special editions, on the other hand, may still be advantageous if they keep escaping taxation because they come in a package nonstandard. Ultimately, when everything is uncertain, we must wait for the reports from customers who make the first purchases that come with the CN22 form to see how it goes.

And I'm ending here the article on Killzone 3 do Playstation 3 (PS3). If you also want to shop in ShopTo, directly from England, click here and good shopping

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Exact. ShopTo is the recipe manjado… Two recent 15 I bought several sets of shops outside, 3 were taxed. “Curiously”, the taxed were all purchased at ShopTo. Result: Shopto, nevermore!


Good, at least my product was not taxed because of this “Unauthorized Imports” (and looks that the package was well gandinho). What did? He left in a promotion eStarland that was valid only for a day, immediately ran to buy (Not to mention that the price was VERY account, below the price of ShopTo). Soon it was advantageous to me this question form, except the time it takes to get my other purchase… A warning pro personnel: I bought my PS3 in eStarland, and he was NOT taxed. Kind? Sure. But I think that has more eStarland “way” with our customs…

Gerson Almeidag

Is my friend Skooter,
As always Revenue destroying our joy.
I took a chance to buy my last four games, Move Controller including one who had returned and was resubmitted, well when the IRS decided to give the products as 'Import unauthorized', summary of the opera, all returned.
Now I can only wait, ShopTo já to this patient, I spoke with them and the quick response was positive and that air that they were waiting, message via the ticket and email it became even clearer.
Anyway, 'll redo repaid when due own applications on ShopTo and hope that this time it work.
Sobre o Killzone, is a jogaço, and a tip for those who enjoyed the EA SPORTS Active 2 you bought for £ 29,86 is now at ShopTo for £ 18,85.

Átila Laurindo

Ola colleagues!

I was really disappointed with the IRS, comprei o EA SPORTS Active 2, and also for once again. Difficult galley, one of the best sites to buy games having their products taxed!


Yeah, I bought my PS3 in eStarland with Priority Shipping (if I'm not mistaken, because eStarland already asked me once I pay more for shipping after purchase finalized, because the package was so big. And sometimes she still moves freight depending on product size. As they say on their website: “Some items such as heavy or bulky items can only be shipped by Regular or Regular Delivery w/ tracking” That even if you choose the Priority or Express).

Until today I made multiple purchases, were the only ones that are taxed: 1 GPS s 1 Cellular (gives both DX). I do not know whether it is valid, mas all purchases I made in eStarland, I add that “Personalized Packaging Service” where they write the address by hand, Individuals like.

The last purchase I made in this promotion was eStarland lightning EA Sports Active 2. OS esqueci of adding or Personalized Packaging Service. Logo is my first purchase without this business. Let's see how it goes past the Revenue…


Hello friend I wonder after appearing in tracking conferred / Brazil how long it takes to reach the destination?


Comprei o EA SPORTS Active 2 by 18,85 libras no, I sent days 07/07/11 hj and appeared to q information is being returned by mail UNAUTHORIZED IMPORTS. The price was really wonderful, although freight costs q 9,29 pounds. But I will not receive the game and still gotta pray to return the money… business is to buy and Estarland q at least in these reaches.


And my air skooter ta trace since the day 15/07 as conferred / Brazil and still not be reached q was misplaced?


Grande Skooter Beleza?
What I bought Medal of Honor from ShopTo day 12/07 elements chegou aqui no Brasil give 25/07 and was in transit for inspection. So far there has not authorized importation, so does this already with the new package? Do you have any idea how much is in control has? I also bought a control on 14/07 the Mariio128 until today not arrived at Basil, ele who to Hong Kong, is that it takes longer? SopTo bought today in the Dirt 3, paid 21,35 pounds. Skooter big hug and congratulations for your work on this blog.
Stay with God.


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Thanks a lot buddy bought the focal price, incidentally noticed that you are now asking to complete our CPF accounts? Why did we start worrying? A big hug brother!


Grande Skooter, you made any other purchase at ShopTo? I bought Medal of Honor that is from the day 25/07 in supervisory / customs, this delay is normal?


Caro Skooter, if you refuse to pay the fee of your Killzone, the Post Office are with your product or it is returned?


Thank you for the response Skooter. That's what I do with my package from ShopTo. We know she wants to do things legally, but unfortunately this is not good for us Brazilians.


Skooter, I bought the Medal of Honor today saw the screening of Post and he was taxed, just do not know how, to thinking of abandoning ShopTo tb, which indicates other stores vc? bought one in control and Mariio128 chogou today without being taxed. big hug and be with God!

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