FragranceX: second successful purchase and, again, no taxes

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about my second purchase in, perfumes and cosmetics shop US-based, sending with free shipping for Brazil, simply use the coupon "BRAZIL" time to close the purchase. Prices remain excellent, in many cases can cost less than a quarter of what was paid for the same product in Brazil. This second purchase was present, therefore not inform what the product is purchased. Limit myself to information on purchasing. Be sure to check the first article purchase if you want more information about the store and its products.

O segundo pacote da, não tributado

The second package, untaxed

The purchase was made in not give 08/06/2011 and sent the same day by "Global Priority Mail", that does not offer a tracking number. Who you insist to have a tracking number should not use the coupon "BRAZIL" and will have to choose one of the paid freight. The box arrived in 11/07/2011, approximately one month later, and was not taxed. Peel label, I see that once again the post was made in Germany. As I explained in first article purchase, Store strategy should be to save and can provide better prices. It is easier to post perfume manufactured in France directly from Europe to the client in Brazil, they take him to the US would imply resubmit it paying the high costs USPS (U.S. mail), when compared to European post office in general.

O selo do correio alemão no pacote da

The German mail stamp on the package

The value declared by was $69,47, again without specifying currency, What is the real value of the order in USD (U.S. dollars two). As the request was present, I opted for gift packaging, for which paid $2,95 More USD, therefore the declared value is the total value of the order, This packaging including. The description of the content came back as "BEAUTY SUPPLIES" and the content has been marked as gift (“Gift”). Note that it is not necessary to pay the gift packaging for the item “Gift” be marked, because my first application come without packaging and this has also been marked as “Gift”. The rest of the information are the same as the other purchase: filled sender as "FRG Shipping", address Hauppauge, New York, USA.

Um tipo de invoice descrevendo os itens do pedido, mas sem valores, e um cupom para a próxima compra

One type of invoice describing the order items, but without values, and a coupon for the next purchase

Inside the cardboard box, again came a paper describing the items without indicating values, and a discount coupon $5 USD for the next purchase. This box came in the cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap, so that this box has arrived undamaged, no amassadinho. Inside was the original packaging perfume, sealed, wrapped in paper red silk. This box brings the site name:

Dentro da caixa, a caixinha de presentes embrulhada com plástico bolha

Inside the box, the box of wrapped gifts with bubble wrap

For the first purchase could make a detailed comparison between the product purchased and the other with almost 100% likely to be genuine to confirm that the really working with documents cosmetics. This time I could not make this comparison because it is the first time I purchase the perfume in question, and presented also never had. But I believe, again, a has sent an original product. At least the attachment is long enough, fragrance and the resembling countertypes, but is stronger and greater attachment, as is to be expected from the genuine product.

O pacote de presente da

This package of

A embalagem original do perfume vem embrulhada com papel de seda vermelho, dentro da caixa de presente da

The original packaging perfume comes wrapped in red tissue paper, inside the gift box

And I'm ending here with another positive recommendation for this store. If you also want to shop for perfumes and cosmetics in, click here and good shopping.


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Good Skooter….vou ask some of the!!! I tell you later!!! abraxxx


When I read her first review I decided to make a purchase in fragancex, the perfume was posted on 01/06/2011 and to this day has not arrived.

Already I got in touch with them and just told to wait for when when we have not received the product is returned to them. The problem is gone astray.

I saw reviews on the internet of people who received the product after 4 months, therefore I have more 15 day wait after that unfortunately I will consider as lost.

I ordered a perfume 125ml and New York believe that this has been the difference for my perfume are taking or have been misplaced, a large glass coming from the United States.


Olá Skooter, I wonder how you ordered along the gift wrapping. I searched the site and could not find the package.

Elias Angelo

I did not know this store and after reading this post I took courage and following the guidelines and performed a purchase posted on 8 September and still no delivery. It would be more feasible to have paid the freight.


I agree with Elias, I think we should do buy only with tracking number, being in the dark is a F #% * $ @, better to pay a little more and stay quiet than expected 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months… and nothing!


I also made a request to that site over 2 months and no receive… I contacted and received the same answer that Jorge…


Yeah, My comment above 31/10 It was done when he was much hope to receive my products, bought 4 fragrances (2 various shopping, each having 2 fragrances) but nothing in any of them get to me, it was at the beginning of August, and we are almost at Christmas.
I sent email, but they told me they could not do anything 'cause had not received the order as dismissed, and I had pacienca, bla bla bla… I have almost no more hope, but as this is the last to die, neh… ultimately… if there is the miracle of reach, I post here.


Just for the record, mine has not arrived yet, already has a little more 6 months.


Look… we'll be updating here… the months that have passed… and, if you arrive, warn here tb…

Elias Angelo

I bought this store by recommendation of this site, For not even know of the existence of that the prices compared with Brazil are good but…delivery is poorly, It is easier to continue this perverse and fical method asking for patience. How can I recover my money tenter, Has as?


My request completed 3 months yesterday… someone here has received any order?

Elias Angelo

Repeat the question: Skooter you recommended that seems to have been the one to receive the order. is to recover the money paid ? We may charge some action Pay Pal or it is limited only to broker payment ?



Thanks for the explanation. I will wait a little longer… since 45 days have passed.

Elias Angelo

Valeu Skooter, today tried to open the dispute but also how it's been the 45 days I could not do it. They should adopt the sending system and relationship with customers Dealextreme. Sometimes delays but always arrives.

Vinicius Braga

Opa, to following this Fx marathon, not only here, but in some other places on the Internet, and no one is getting anything too. I saw a girl in the interior of São Paulo receive an envoy yesterday perfume 29/08. I am also in the same situation, waiting a perfume 05/11. I will wait another 1 week, if you do not get, I'll try some means of reimbursement, will get some, avisa ai. I find it hard, but I will try refund and claim that if the product arrives, I make the payment again. Why not wait for the most, They are already over 100 days.



I also took into account the postal strike up because I saw somewhere a person talking than expected 4 months to come, but mine's been over 6 months, It was sent on 1 June. I sent another e-mail yesterday complaining, let's see what will tell.

Elias Angelo

Today I received a Deal Extreme marketing mail where usually buy ever (sometimes it takes longer always arrives) and the bottom of the page had a partner site advertising that sells perfume (
Prices are more affordable than our troubled Fragrancex.
Example: Christian Dior Fahrenheit 32 Eau De Toilette Spray For Men 50ml/1.7oz
FragranceX – U $ 130.07 – Beautyepro – U $ 80.00
I buy a few others and all are with lowest price. Not confirmed the delivery issue in Brazil. Who can check.

Elias Angelo

I decided to carry out a test purchase in BeautyEpro to evaluate the store and purchase the products below.

HugoBoss Selection After Shave Balm 50ml – Value: $7.99
Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette for Men and Women 100ml / 3.4oz – Value: $43.00
Total: $ 50.99

Only the perfume in this FragranceX $ 60.58

I will monitor the arrival and compare.

Elias Angelo

Beautypro realized in a test purchase of two products.

HugoBoss Selection After Shave Balm 50ml – $7.99
Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette for Men and Women 100ml / 3.4oz – $43.00
Valor Total: $50.99

Only the perfumes in this by FragranceX $ 60.58
After purchasing the found another site in the same scent this costing $ 33.00

It has the facility to translate the page at own site. Check out

Elias Angelo


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