DealExtreme: Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy) acquired na DealExtreme, whose buy here has been detailed in the Skooter Blog, so this article merely speak product.

A Mola Maluca is a toy that I had in my childhood. At one time there by the late 80 or the early 90 these springs have become ubiquitous, almost every child had or wanted a. Mine was green, made of plastic. Often she curled all trying to do some trick more sophisticated. Just breaking and being stuck with Superglue sometimes, to end up being discarded (or perhaps still in some obscure corner lost here).

Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

But let's look at the title given by DealExtreme, that e Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy, piecemeal. Relieves stress? Sure. You can get plenty of time playing with her and distracting, even while doing other tasks simultaneously, as watching TV, talking or even mentally creating a new algorithm, for whom is the computing, or the equivalent of some creative moment of his profession. This is possible because the basic manipulation of the spring does not require great intellectual effort. But of course you can increase the banter with other movements.

Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

The second adjective: “copper”, copper. This I do not know where it came from, since the spring clearly has no color of copper. Could be copper coated steel? Unlikely. Copper is very malleable to compose a good spring, besides being much more expensive than steel, so why use it? Observing and handling this spring I believe she is actually steel. As metal, is much stronger than the vast majority of the springs that I saw in my childhood, almost all plastic, although I remember seeing some time in the metal, probably more expensive and unpopular. The inner and outer edges of this Mola Maluca Metálica (when pinched) are bright, apparently lead to some polishing or painting.

And behold, the third adjective is “magic”, magic. A Mola Maluca Metálica is not exactly magic. But anyway… alright.

Room adjective: “slinky”. I went to pick it up in the dictionary. According to Michaelis: “adj 1 walk: a) slinky. b) furtive. 2 (clothing) slinky, provocative.“. Também busquei no Oxford Advanced Learner’s: “slinky / Ñ ‘slINki; NAmE Ñ / adjective (slink·ier, slinki·est) 1(of a woman’s clothes) fitting closely to the body in a sexually attractive way2(of movement or sound) smooth and slow, often in a way that is sexually attractive“, e ainda no Cambridge Advanced Learner’s:

/ˈslɪŋ.ki/ adjective

1. (of women’s clothes) made of delicate cloth and fitting the body closely in a way that is sexually attractive
a slinky black dress

2. UK (of music or dancing) slow and suggesting sex
There’s some very slinky dancing going on tonight!

So apparently DealExtreme finds that the spring is crazy rebolante, furtive, e sexy! 🙂 Então tá né? But anyway, Brazilians resolveram call spring “crazy” (apparently it does not take that adjective elsewhere), then let the Chinese use the adjectives they wish.

The fifth adjective is “rainbow”, arc-íris. What's rainbow in a spring one color? I have no idea. Until I went to the dictionary again to verify rainbow had some other meaning that I was unaware, but it doesn't. Rainbow is just the same. Michaelmas: “n arch-íris. tinted rainbow of colors of the rainbow, multicolour. rainbow trout Zool. truta arch-íris (Psalm iridens).“; Oxford: “a curved band of different colours that appears in the sky when the sun shines through rain“; and Cambridge: “an arch (= curved shape) of different colours seen in the sky when rain is falling and the sun is shining“. On second thought, maybe the rainbow refers to the shape that it is to be open and not to color. So yes it makes more sense.

And to complete the description “Spring Toy”, that e “spring toy”. Of this I have nothing to comment, a Mola Maluca Metálica is obviously a spring and is also a toy.

Looking at the box Mola Maluca Metálica we see that rainbow (arc-íris) is written nela, not just the invention DealExtreme. It is recommended for children over 6 years. It also “practice the flexibility of the hands of children and intelligence”! Wow, but now it seems even magic.

Caixa da Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

Steel Box Spring crazy (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

On the back some kind of instructions: “Let spring toy stretch and swing up and down, or travel down a flight of stairs from end to end as stretches and takes its shape with the help of gravity”. A beautiful description that reminds one of the coolest games with the spring, that is to make it down stairs. Finally a warning that the Mola Maluca Metálica is not suitable for children under 36 months, it has small parts that can come loose (???) and being swallowed. There is unlikely, but either way a child could be hurt by the horns, then it's good even if it is not left in the hands of small children, they certainly do not know how to handle it all without rolling.

Caixa da Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

Steel Box Spring crazy (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy)

And I'm ending here, with a positive recommendation, Article on Mola Maluca Metálica (Stress-Relieve Copper Magic Slinky Rainbow Spring Toy). If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here, good shopping.

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Clais good

what price Spring crazy or have to buy it ñ and necesario nest Azato ok now I'm broke

Fábio Oliveira

Our, I had a child when this metal. I played so much that went bust, and I will buy again. Thanks for the tip!!


Friend, good morning! It was the demand for such metal springs and ended up falling to your blog. “Slinky” is the original name that was given to this toy when it was created accidentally, and Rainbow I think refer to format that she gets when passing from one hand to another, looks like even a rainbow! Thanks for the tip, I'm going to search the DX. Hug.

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