DealExtreme: Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital (LCD Digital Clock Thermometer and Humidity Meter)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital (LCD Digital Clock Thermometer and Humidity Meter), whose purchase has been described in the last article, then I will speak only about the product.

This is my third Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital. I talked about the first two in an article by 2008. The first was my second purchase in DealExtreme, came defective and they promptly sent one second, that extraviou. So they sent a third which is what I use at home. After just opening and ressoldando a cable that came with the defect and ended up fixing it, and now he's in my room.

O Relógio-Termômetro-Higrômetro Digital

The Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital

A parte traseira do Relógio-Termômetro-Higrômetro Digital, os botões de reset e de alternar entre Celsius e Farenheit mudaram

The back of the clock-thermometer-hygrometer Digital, and reset buttons to switch between Celsius and Farenheit changed

The fourth (third party that arrives in my hands) Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital I bought it to leave at work, to help control the humidity with a Umidificador G Tech Allergy Free Filter 2 that, like most of these humidifiers common, does not have an attached hygrostat. Thus, I can watch the hygrometer and humidifier connect when the humidity is below a threshold healthy, without relying solely on my perception, and turn it off if the relative humidity is already very high.

O Relógio-Termômetro-Higrômetro Digital ainda em sua embalagem

The Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital still in its packaging

At the rear of the pack can visualize some characteristics of Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital:

  • Com large character LCD Display
  • Multi-function
  • Low power consumption
  • High stability and precision
  • Internal and external temperature (this is a mistake, this model does not measure outdoor temperature) and internal moisture
  • Memory of minimum and maximum temperature
  • 2 modes show hours: 12h/24h
  • Function to show date and time, switching automatically from one to another every 5 seconds
  • Function beep every hour
  • Daily Alarm Function
  • Calendar function
  • Function to show the day of the week (I have not found this)
  • Range of temperature measurement: -50º to 70 º C (-58º F a + 158º F)
  • Range of moisture measurement: 10% a 99% RH
  • Fonte energy: 1 pilha AAA 1.5 V (included)
Parte traseira da embalagem do Relógio-Termômetro-Higrômetro Digital, com as especificações

Back Packing Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital, with specifications

The Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital is virtually the same product 3 years ago. One difference I noticed was that the buttons on the back, to de “reset” and to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, are now accessible only by inserting a pointed object, unlike the old model where the buttons were protruding. Another notable difference is that the LCD note the word “IN”, from “indoor”, normally should only be active in the model which also measures the outside temperature, indicating “IN” or “OUT”, depending on whether the temperature showing internal or external. In this model the “IN” Pussy Sendo de “useless” :), but nothing that endangers the functioning of the product.

Relógio-Termômetro-Higrômetro Digital ao lado do clássico Galo do Tempo, popular instrumento de medida de umidade nos anos 80

Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital alongside the classic Rooster Weather, popular instrument for measuring moisture in years 80

And I'm ending here the article on Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer Digital (LCD Digital Clock Thermometer and Humidity Meter), with a positive recommendation for this product. If you also want to shop in DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here, good shopping.


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