eStarland: Fifa Soccer 12 (PS3)

Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about Fifa Soccer 12 do Playstation 3 (PS3) acquired on eStarland. Already I talked about this in previous article purchase, so in this article I will talk only about the game.

I follow the Fifa series since she made her debut in Super Nintendo, Among other systems, in 1993. When I won my second PC in mid- 1995 (the first monitor with VGA) I could play the first version of PC. In 2006, with a multimedia kit already installed, adquiri or Fifa Soccer 96 PC, distributed peels Tec Toy in Brazil. From then on I started to get all the Fifa PC (all original), monitoring developments, the arrival of the first version narrated in Portuguese (do Brasil), it all up 2004 stopped when the collection.

Fifa Soccer 12 (PS3) ainda lacrado

Fifa Soccer 12 (PS3) still sealed

Since I spoke in multimedia kit, it is an afterthought for those who did not live or had no PCs in the years 90: at the time the PC motherboards did not include onboard sound and CD-ROM drive was not something standard, moreover, motherboards also did not include controller for the CD-ROM drives. Then the Creative sold some kits in a box that came with a sound card (my first was the Sound Blaster 16 and then had a Sound Blaster AWE64, both with ISA bus), a CD-ROM drive (meu primeiro foi um Quad Speed – 4X) it was connected directly to the sound card, who also played the role of parent, a couple of boxes of sound that were far better than the vast majority of those we find in computer stores today (tenho até hoje um par da Creative aquiCS120que não troco por nada), a microphone and a lot of software on CD-ROM that we would never have otherwise come in the kit: remember now titles like Aldus PhotoStyler, Groiler’s Multimedia Encyclopedia, some games like Star Wars, Syndicate More, Last VIII, Strike Commander, Eagle Eye Mysteries, an interactive CD-ROM called Dinosaur Adventures, among others.

Capa do Fifa Soccer 12 (PS3)

FIFA Soccer Case 12 (PS3)

But back to Fifa Soccer, my first release on Playstation 3 was Fifa 10, acquired na ShopTo. Then came the Fifa 11, also from ShopTo. This year I opted for eStarland to buy Fifa Soccer 12, fleeing from taxation problems in almost all packages that were occurring with ShopTo (and apparently ended with the new shipping method they are using). Another reason for buying in eStarland is to be getting the exact same version being sold in Brazil, and thus escaping from problems with the acceptance of the contract to play online, occurring in the European version of the Fifa 11 when used with a Brazilian PSN account, that not even know if they were corrected, Fifa Soccer 12.

Capa traeira do Fifa Soccer 12 (PS3)

Traeira cover of FIFA Soccer 12 (PS3)

Again Electronic Arts ignored the Brazilian and did not release the Fifa Soccer 12 with narration in Portuguese of Brazil. Therefore, no matter the version you buy, Portuguese of Brazil is again absent. Bizonhamente, in the American version is also missing even the Portuguese of Portugal, it used to troubleshoot other games that also did not receive the Portuguese version of Brazil. Thus, if you buy the European version can opt for the Portuguese of Portugal, but opts for the American version as I did, have to settle with the narration in English.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Fifa Soccer 12 (PS3)

Manual e disco Blu-ray do Fifa Soccer 12 (PS3)

On the cover of the US version of Fifa Soccer 12 we have the famous English player Wayne Rooney, along with Landon Donovan and Rafael Márquez, operating in American football. The title features HD image at 720p, som Dolby Digital e DTS Digital Surround, support for the headset to talk to the(s) companion(s) and opponent(s) for as online games, which can now take up 22 players (the two complete teams, If you do not understand a lot of football :)).

And Fifa Soccer 12 is not the same. Electronic Arts has innovated and changed the gameplay quite, especially when the team is defending. While previous versions enough to hold the X button for a player desperate to fly toward the pressing ball, now the behavior of the defense is much closer to what is observed in real football, with the defense scoring and trying to fill the spaces to take advantage of a wrong pass. The attempt to steal the ball (tackle) should be used with care, it may result in a spectacular goal that can leave the opponent in front of the goal. Moreover, dribbling also vastly improved in this new version and have become a real alternative. Improvements can be troublesome in the early, since we have to relearn how to play. But with little playing time we can already see that the change is positive.

My first matches against the CPU were half frustrating, may be suited for not, perhaps because the game really be more difficult (pelo menos na dificuldade padrãoa média, esqueci o nome delanão tentei aumentar nem diminuir o nível de dificuldade). Until I started to play in career mode, with a player created with my face and features (by Game Face), but soon left for the online clashes, who are now much more interesting. The way I have been playing more is one in which you get in the tenth division and can go forward (or retrocedendo) to the extent that, after 10 items, reaches or not the amount of points needed to be lowered, se mantendo na mesma divisão ou ainda sendo promovido para próxima divisão. In this mode, you choose the team before finding an opponent. The system will always look for an opponent with skill compatible with your team and with a compatible you chose, making much more interesting disputes. No more clowning that of having to always play with the best teams because the opponent is always with Real Madrid or Barcelona. Eu tenho jogado sempre com o soberano São Paulo Futebol Clube e os adversários que o sistema escolhe pra mim freqüentemente estão com outros times nacionais como Santos, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Basque, Flemish, International, teams like Mexico, and sometimes European teams who are also on a par with my. Eventually the system also opens a pantry, where the goal is to go forward in the playoff to reach the final.

The downside of Fifa Soccer 12 is the excess of crashes that occur in the menus. I believe they are related to unhandled exceptions in the online interaction. The fact is that it is common to game crashes while transmitting / receiving data online menus, and needs to be closed and opened again. Fortunately this does not happen during the games, never noticed any crash during matches. Latency also did not see, although there are some eventually travadinhas (depending on the both sides connections), which is inevitable due to the characteristics of packet networks and Internet protocols. I hope that with the next updates the crashes problem in the menus is corrected.

And I'm ending here with a positive recommendation to the Fifa Soccer 12, which has interesting innovations that are worth buying for both fans of the series who buy every year, as for those who were waiting for something new to be worth. If you also want to do their shopping in games eStarland directly from the U.S., click here and good shopping.

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Face, me lembro muito bem da época dos kits multimídia da Creative! Tive meu primeiro computador em 1996 e vinha com um kit multimídia da Creative, do jeito que você descreveu o seu. Era um Pentium 100, o computador maispotenteda minha cidade naquela época.rsrs Tenho as caixas de som até hoje, são de ótima qualidade e nem penso em aposentá-las!

Congratulations blog, sempre acompanho e tem sido muito útil!



Mas que blog EXCELENTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Jorge

comprei as duas versoes e as duas tao heim ingles como eu faço pra bota o menu heim portugues de portugal