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Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about F1 2011 (PS3) do Playstation 3 (PS3) acquired on eStarland. Already I talked about this in another article purchase, so in this article I will talk only about the game.

The F1 2011 (PS3) is the evolution of F1 2010 (obviously) of which I have spoken here. Ele mapped as clues, cars and drivers updated for the season 2011 World Championship Formula 1. All duly licensed by FIA, in other words, nomes pilotos, teams and car details are reproduced faithfully.

F1 2011 (PS3)

F1 2011 (PS3)

But that's not all, he also brings a number of innovations, leaving the simulation even more real, bringing up the safety car which was a version of absences 2010. The online matches also evolved, can now be played with up to 16 real players. The newsletter 2011 na Formula 1 real: CHERRY e DRS (Wing opening) are also present in F1 2011 (PS3). I just thought the KERS should be more realistic pressing each braking, and not filling automatically at the close of each lap.

Capa traseira do F1 2011 (PS3)

F1 Back Cover 2011 (PS3)

For the more casual gamers, Career Mode races can now be played with only 3 turns. In my opinion it quite takes away the fun of the game by eliminating the pit stop, the possibility of safety car, etc. But of course you can set the game to 20% the amount of laps of the actual race (as it was in the previous version) or various other options intermediate, or even run with the actual amount of laps.

I will not be repeating everything I said about the F1 2010, for all qualities apply to F1 2011 (PS3) also, enough read what I said there. If you do not have F1 2010 can skip it quietly and buy soon F1 2011 (PS3) it has everything to version 2010 has and more. For anyone who is a fan of Formula 1 I like, and already has the F1 2010, the F1 2011 (PS3) ends up being an almost mandatory update, even if the innovation is not that big and that the acquisition is more to the latest version in the collection. But who had already played the F1 2010 ad nauseam may not be willing to start the championships again. I particularly played more online than offline, because I liked the online mode innovations. But still intend to play the career mode. Perhaps would have been more advantageous to wait a while after the release and catch the game on promotions, since prices tend to drop sharply after a few months.

Manual e disco Blu-ray do F1 2011 (PS3)

Manual e disco Blu-ray do F1 2011 (PS3)

A novelty for those who enjoy games in the native language, is that F1 2011 (PS3), at least in the American version, which is what got in eStarland, has all the menus and is all dubbed in Portuguese of Brazil. It's not something I make so many question, because those who came to Formula 1 TV already know that the official language of radio conversations between pilots and engineers is English, regardless of nationality, and I quite understand all that the engineer said in F1 2010, that is easier to understand the dialogues we see during tranmissões Formula 1 real (not least because Galvão not stop talking together as they are played). But understand that, for some people, not understand what the engineer says in English can be frustrating, and even hurt performance in the race. These problems are over for now conversations (not quite a conversation, since you do not respond to the engineer, but you understand…) between pilots and engineers in F1 2011 (PS3) is entirely in Portuguese of Brazil, and note that now the engineer and spends more information than before.

The F1 2011 (PS3) features HD image at 720p, som Dolby Digital e DTS Digital Surround, support for the headset to talk with the other riders during online races, with 2 a 16 players.

And I'm ending here with a positive recommendation to the F1 2011 (PS3), upgrading and with all the innovations of the season 2011 Formula 1. If you also want to do their shopping in games eStarland directly from the U.S., click here and good shopping.

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