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Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about Rocksmith (PS3), do Playstation 3 (PS3), acquired on eStarland. About buying I have spoken in previous article, so today I will speak only about the game. The Rocksmith (PS3) is a Ubisoft game on the line of the famous Guitar Hero and Rockband, with one major difference is that you use a real guitar. That's right you read! Unlike Guitar Hero and Rockband, where you play by pressing a colored plastic guitarrinha, on the Rocksmith (PS3) you play playing real riffs on a real guitar.

A caixa do Rocksmith (PS3)

A box of Rocksmith (PS3)

In the box Rocksmith (PS3), besides the Blu-ray disc and manual, you find a special cable to connect the guitar on Playstation 3. This cable has a USB plug at one end and a plug P10 mono (the pattern of guitars) at the other end. Apparently the cable also includes a microphone to capture ambient sound, for there is a trophy that is won to sing the song in addition to touch her. I won this trophy only with the feedback generated by the microphone, which is very uncomfortable and made me leave the volume down on Games. I soon realized that the feedback was not coming from the guitar pickups, adjusted the volume of this microphone in the game and I could finally play with the sound loud enough to have a good return on that I was playing.

A caixa do Rocksmith (PS3)

A box of Rocksmith (PS3)

The Rocksmith (PS3) can be played with virtually any real guitar. I play with my Cort X-11, but who has no guitar and still do not know if it will get taste for them beyond the game can buy any one of the cockroaches, it is very likely that cost even less than what they charge here by toy guitarrinhas Guitar Hero. Before each song is need to tap each open string only for the game to make sure that your guitar is in tune. The game has a “tuner” to help you tune it, if not. The music selection is very good and includes a number of classics from various eras, como Rolling Stones e Nirvana, and other newer.

Parte traseira da caixa do Rocksmith (PS3)

Back of the box Rocksmith (PS3)

Play with real guitar is certainly the wide appeal of Rocksmith (PS3). Something that had been promised by a game called Guitar Rising, it was announced, but ended up becoming a vaporware. In Guitar Hero and Rockband in to get good at a song, you actually was good on just push colored buttons in sequence and certain rhythms, but not Rocksmith (PS3) to get good at a song, you really learned to play it in a real guitar.

Cabo, adesivos e caixa do blu-ray do Rocksmith (PS3)

End, adhesives and blu-ray box Rocksmith (PS3)

The learning curve Rocksmith (PS3) It is not the easiest. You begin by making just a few riffs, with few notes and chords. Gradually the game will adding more riffs, more complete riffs, to get the version with all notes. Videos career mode tutorials will teach you some techniques (slides, Tremolos, bends, hammer on, pull off, etc.), but you can also train the basics in some separate game modes. I enjoyed the experience, and I believe that the game also has the potential to please more experienced guitarists, as well as beginners.

Caixa do blu-ray de Rocksmith (PS3) ainda lacrada

Caixa Blu-ray de Rocksmith (PS3) still sealed

The Rocksmith (PS3) comes with a brochure suggests that the binding of the Playstation 3 TV is made with an HDMI cable and an A / V cable (compound) It is used to connect it to a home theater system, so that the audio connection is analog, avoiding the latency of the audio that occurs with digital transmission. The second best alternative would be to connect analog audio and video with a component video cable, and audio in home theater and video on TV, leaving all analog. The third option is to link all, component video and analog audio, na TV. I particularly ignored it all and left my Playstation 3 as was, connected to the home theater with an HDMI cable, which in turn is connected to another HDMI cable TV. The latency is minimal, noticeable yes, but not enough to disrupt, then spared me the work to connect the analog audio cable for now.

Caixa do blu-ray de Rocksmith (PS3)

Caixa Blu-ray de Rocksmith (PS3)

In the game menus there as correct the lag of the video, to offset some latency of own TV processing filters. Most TVs have a GAME mode, should be used to disable some filters and leave the video with the lowest possible latency. Moreover, such option, will be, should be used in any game, after latency is never good at games.

Parte traseira da caixa do blu-ray de Rocksmith (PS3)

Back of the Blu-ray box Rocksmith (PS3)

Another item that came with Rocksmith (PS3) is a card with two sets of stickers to mark houses 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 and 15 up to two guitars. I think these stickers are dispensable even for beginners, after all guitar has already marking these houses, and you better get used to them. These stickers reminded me of a magazine of the year 90, call “Guitar strings and Colors”, that brought a method to learn guitar that was to paste stickers with the positions of the fingers to make each chord of a particular song. I got to buy some 3 in such a magazine issues, learned some songs, but actually used it just to see the chords and figures, never got to paste the stickers. At the time, pre-Internet, comics with encrypted songs were common on newsstands. Today I do not know if there are still, since the internet is possible to find virtually any number in seconds.

Manual e blu-ray de Rocksmith (PS3)

Manual Blu-ray de Rocksmith (PS3)

Virtual amps and pedals are present in Rocksmith (PS3). In every song you ever notice that the sound of your guitar is in different shades and effects, appropriate to the music in question. And you can customize these effects guitarist taste. This is a very nice bonus, not present in plastic guitar games, that will surely be appreciated by players who are always looking for new sounds and effects.

Folheto sugerindo as melhores formas de conexões do Playstation 3 à TV e ao Home Theater, para jogar Rocksmith (PS3)

Leaflet suggesting the best ways to Playstation connections 3 TV and Home Theater, to play Rocksmith (PS3)

Cartela com adesivos para colar na guitarra

Chart with stickers to paste on guitar

Cartela com adesivos para colar na guitarra

Chart with stickers to paste on guitar

Cabo P10 -> USB do Rocksmith (PS3)

Cabo P10 -> Cable set Rocksmith (PS3)

Cabo P10 -> USB do Rocksmith (PS3)

Cabo P10 -> Cable set Rocksmith (PS3)

Cabo P10 -> USB do Rocksmith (PS3)

Cabo P10 -> Cable set Rocksmith (PS3)

And I will stop here with a positive recommendation to the Rocksmith (PS3). While you wait for the next article Skooter Blog, I urge you to click the "Like" and give a retweet up there (or down there), otherwise I will be even more discouraged and shut the blog to dedicate myself to churruminos hunting. If you also want to buy your Playstation games 3 (PS3) and other consoles in eStarland, click here and good shopping.


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Friend, very good Articles, your blog is already on my wish list.

Well, I found very interesting this game, mainly using real guitar, but you could tell me to a person who never took up a musical instrument could learn to play and even play? I am reminded half noob.

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I wonder how the microphone works, if just drop in video game and already was or is otherwise?


– it only works with the original cable?

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