Problems and Solutions: VMWare Player e “The MSI Fails”

When uninstalling VMWare Player 4.0.2 to install VMWare Player 4.0.3 (you must uninstall the previous version to install the new) found some drawbacks problems that he could not delete registry data, and thus cancels the uninstallation. I resolved this by opening the keys in question on record, putting an owner in them (there is a bug that makes keys without owners who knows why) and then adjusted the permissions.

But after doing this procedure with a key pair, I found the error “The MSI Fails”, followed by the cancellation of the uninstallation. I made many attempts, including repair of the old version, a Microsoft facilities repairman, clean up temporary files, force the registry keys of exclusion with a “/clean” (without the quotes) after the installer name of the old version, etc.

After all this finally found the solution, which was just manually delete the folders C:\Program Files (x86)\VMWare e C:\ProgramData VMWare and install the new version by setting the ‘/ z parameters “action”=”install”‘ (without the single quotes) after the installer name.

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Arthur Neto

Hello, cool its resolution, but have you tried installing the latest version of VMware Player on Windows 8 ? Mine when installing, an MSI error appears. Do you have any idea what can be ?

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