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Hello Skooter Blog readers. Today I talk about buying the Rayman Origins do Playstation 3 (PS3) acquired na ShopTo, directly from England. The Rayman Origins It is the first game I decided to buy in ShopTo after complicated phase of purchases in this store, which went through a time where all packets were taxed, except that there were only a Blu-ray and came in packages nonstandard, as in the case of EA Sports Active 2 and a Playstation Move Navigation Controller. Sometime later, the IRS began to return all packages ShopTo for being without form CN22.

Rayman Origins do Playstation 3 (PS3), ainda lacrado

Rayman Origins do Playstation 3 (PS3), still sealed

But after a while the problems were finally resolved and packages began to arrive normally ShopTo, and the vast majority without tax, as before. At this time, minhas compras haviam sido principalmente na eStarland e na OfferHouse, they are also excellent choices, especially when, for some reason, we want the American version of a game.

Rayman Origins do Playstation 3 (PS3)

Rayman Origins do Playstation 3 (PS3)

The Rayman Origins foi o retorno à ShopTo. This is a game that impressed me when I downloaded the demo video, by excellent graphics in 1080p (Full HD) and for being a platform game, classical category of nostalgic Islands 8 and 16 bits, que acabou meio deixada de lado com a chegada das novas gerações. The Rayman Origins é um jogo que não faz diferença adquirir a versão americana ou inglesa, as I bought, as both are in English only. But this is not problem even for those who do not understand the language, since the text just comes down to the menu items and no spoken audio, at least not in any language spoken by human.

Parte traseira da capa do Rayman Origins

Back cover of Rayman Origins

Pacote da ShopTo com o Rayman Origins (PS3), como enviado por e-mail apenas 1 minuto após a compra

ShopTo package with Rayman Origins (PS3), as sent by email only 1 minute after purchase

Pacote da ShopTo com o Rayman Origins (PS3), como chegou em minhas mãos

ShopTo package with Rayman Origins (PS3), how it got in my hands

Pacote da ShopTo com o Rayman Origins (PS3), como chegou em minhas mãos

ShopTo package with Rayman Origins (PS3), how it got in my hands

In short, the Rayman Origins tem belos gráficos, sound pretty cool, great gameplay. If you like platform games, it is strongly recommended. Even with only review out several months later, this was also the last game that got up yesterday, when I decided to purchase the Sonic 4: Episode II, also in classic style platform, na PSN. And now that the game is not so new, the price is even more comrade. As always, gives to buy at least 3 outside games with what is paid for a single game in Brazil. As a buy, was made on 10/01/2012. Only 1 minute after confirming the order I have received an e-mail with a photo of the package ready to send. This is really impressive in ShopTo. The process is fully automated, then to close the application the machines already take your game, Packing, print and the label, stick, take a photo and send to your email. All this in just 1 minute! No give 30/01 the packet arrived, no taxes. Tracking information is practically nil, only appears in the system when the package out for delivery:

Data Local Situation
30/01/2012 11:02 CSD (Removed) Delivery Effected
30/01/2012 09:10 CSD (Removed) Out for delivery

And I'm ending here the article on Rayman Origins do Playstation 3 (PS3). If you also want to do your shopping on ShopTo, directly from England, clique aqui no link do Rayman Origins. If you want some other game, ask for the link here in the comments. Buying with the link Skooter Blog you help the blog to keep in the air. Take our advice and do not use our links collaborate so that our blog is closed, and shows that you are a guy with no greasy soul customs that do not help those who help you. 😛 E se você não quer comprar nada, at least there click the button to retweet or enjoy our article, because your friends may like and want to buy. Then at least you can play with them. 😉

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u going to import the PS4 ? do you believe that compensates for import shipto? which best freight ? poderia me ajudar a importar ?

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