DailyShop: Unique gifts for readers Skooter Blog

The DailyShop.com, in partnership with Skooter Blog, is distributing unique gifts to our readers.

To participate is very easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Enjoy the DailyShop on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Dailyshop4u) and send the following message: “I like DS, from Skooter Blog”.
  2. Curta o Skooter Blog no Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SkooterBlog)
  3. Enter the product page (http://www.dailyshop.com/light-led-candle99999999966.html), add it to your cart and the time to close the purchase use coupon Skooter. The discount of the full value of the product will be applied and you can complete the purchase without paying anything. Use the option “Secure checkout”.

Attention: promotion is valid for 20 first to follow the steps and use the coupon. After the 20th participant in the coupon will automatically expire.

After completing the application, leave a comment here and share this article with your friends.

Velas decorativas com luz de LED

Com Candles LED light

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Apparently, and no one asked for toast, or ngm comment sample survey that asked.
Ask and I thank the blog!! Are to be congratulated. Always buy the DX but knew ngm n or some blog that shares purchases made.
I am impressed by the amount of product that you come asking hehe.


Just get home Minh girlfriend!!
I believe that soon gets my tb!

O dela chegou numa embalagem um pouco mole.. e acabou danificando o produtoa pontinha dele chegou torta hehe.

No mais adorei o brinde Skooter! Congratulations!

Amauri Ribeiro
Amauri Ribeiro

Skooter… This site is reliable for shopping? Do you think the prices better than the DX?


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