Problems and Solutions: Problems Installing Microsoft Office 2013

This is another article in the series of problems and solutions, where document problems giving me some work to solve, to help others with the same problem and also to help me remember the solution if it would have the same problem again.

Issue: The installation of Microsoft Office 2013 freezes coming near the end, with no message and is thus the Eternal.

Solution: Temporarily stop the service Print Spooler. Thus the complete installation almost instantly.

Source and further information:

Before knowing the solution, I ended up stopping the installation in half and it showed an error bootstrapper ou something (I do not remember exactly) when trying to run the installer again. The solution to this problem was:

  1. Force uninstall with a Microsoft patch, available here:
  2. Remover a entrada do Microsoft Office 2013 do menu “Programs and Resources” (that no longer works) using CCleaner or similar software.
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