Problems and Solutions: Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) does not install on Windows 8 / 8.1, showing a fatal error

This is a very annoying problem that has been going on Windows 8 and also in Windows 8.1. Probably is specific to a card or machine configuration, but it's something that persists after the operating system re-installation and even the installation of Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) is the first thing to be done on the newly installed system. What happens is that the installation takes absurdly beyond normal, shows an intense activity disk, the green progress bar to about fulfills 70% and then the installation fails. A quick look at the log generated shows that the problem is in the installation of the drivers in the system. Then took a look at readme.txt and found two interesting options that can be used with SetupRST.exe the command line:

  • The -A parameter, together with the -P parameter followed a path, extracts only the drivers that path, and then they can be installed manually via device manager.
  • The -Nodrv parameter install the Control Center and the whole paraphernalia that I need to enable the option to speed up the system using an SSD as cache.

I did so the two steps. I'm not sure if the first would conclude successfully, for he began to take as to update the driver I rebooted the PC. At the time of restart he got tangled up installing an update “1 of 40”, so I reset. When the system booted again, miraculously the driver was installed. So the question of whether he would have completed the installation successfully, or if the restart is that avoided a rollback.

So, these two steps made, the installation was completed just as would happen if the Intel setup program to work as it should.

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