Problems and Solutions: Windows 8 / 8.1 newly installed gives error 80244FFF in Windows Update

This is a problem that appears after installing Windows 8 or 8.1. Unable to connect to Windows Update at all, and the error is this number 80244FFF. Searching by code, I found that this is a generic error and unforeseen, which can mean absolutely anything.

I tried several reinstalls, both Windows 8 as Windows 8.1 and no use. What ended up solving the problem, oddly enough, was disconnecting an external hard drive Samsung that was connected during installation. I know it's good disconnect any external hardware during the operating system installation to avoid problems, but I never imagined that an external hard drive could cause such an error. Offline or drive, both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 normally and install the Windows Update works.

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The Punisher

Strange, me was nothing like that, I had already installed the system a long time and started it now, It goes without saying that these days even went to install the system on a machine from a client and gave the same. I am and work as a Computer Technician almost 14 years and this had never happened before with any version of Windows that is, yes sometimes even happened once or twice but, was only put to check for updates again that was a good and, over the years Technician even once installed the OS with any device connected to the machine. As I see it and as I found in various places on the net, the problem is even Microsoft's own and not any device connected to the machine or even hardware problem such as HD or SDD and, that Microsoft itself should solve the problem as soon as possible.

Eliel Abreu

Exactly. I have two computers a desktop and a notebook with windows 8.1 Original installed that more or less 2 months started with this slapstick. Before everything was ok. Still do not know what can be. Once I know I'll post.

The Punisher

Yeah Eliel! And it is only with the Windows versions 8 that shit is happening because, Windows 7 updated in a good and without the slightest problem.

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