eBay: Coupon of $ 15 Discount for eBay purchases above $ 45

This you can not miss. $ 15,00 em compras no eBay acima de US$ 45,00 and paying with PayPal.

A discount of up to 1/3 of the purchase price is a gorgeous discount!

Just use the coupon C45MINBR

Now be nice as I was with you and leave a comment saying if it worked. 😉

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André silva

Obrigado pela dica meu Amigo, fiz uma copra de 500 doletas e funcionou perfeito o desconto.

Fernando Nobre

Hello! Still working! Very good indeed, even when the seller has free shipping! Valeu mesmo!


Pena already expired =


Appears: “X-INBR: The maximum number of times that the redemption code has been reached can be used, e não pode mais ser usado.=\ Só resta esperar o próximo.

Jose Carlos

It worked perfectly!!! Thanks


Not to me, perhaps have done a purchase with another coupon of the same type…


Thanks !!! Usei hoje e funcionou

Carlos André

Olá Skooter. Vi no Facebook hoje e achei que era atual. Pity. O eBay costuma liberar cupons aproximadamente de quanto em quanto tempo? Tem ideia? Hug.

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