DealExtreme (DX): Second Aron Alpha instant adhesive (Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive (20g))

A Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive) is a cyanoacrylate glue, just like the Super Bonder. It is produced by Toagosei Co. Ltd., well known in Japan, their country of origin. This is the second such package to acquire the DX – DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong. See the article on this second purchase here in Skooter Blog.

And see also article on the first package, for all product information are there and I will not repeat myself here. The only fix that I do is what I initially thought it was just a plastic left is actually a pipette. It allows to put a very small amount of glue in a very specific point. I never use it, but the idea seems great.

Deixei essa segunda embalagem da Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha na reservation, since the former has been used a few times. And glue is something that we can not predict when we will need, nor?

And I will not dwell more, I have the impression that anyone been reading the Skooter Blog. Most articles are running out of reviews, the tweets, without tanning, sem nada… To Our Facebook has less tanned than any pagininha of humor the author only had the job of taking hits phrases and paste on a photo of some character or Chapolin Keys. And this kind of thing everyone shares, aqui nada🙁

Stay up with the product photos:

Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive (20g)) on its packaging

Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive (20g)) on its packaging

Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive (20g)) on its packaging

Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive (20g)) on its packaging

And the purchase summary table:

Product Name: Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha
Name Original: Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive (20g)
Store: DX – DealExtreme
Value: US$ 1,95
Current value: US$ 1,95
Payment Method: PayPal w / Credit Card Visa International
Shipping Type: Air Mail (Super Saver)
Shipping Fee: Free
Package Home Country: Hong Kong / China
Purchase Data: 15/07/2013
Submission Date: 19/07/2013
Data Delivery: 20/08/2013
Time in Transit: 32 days
Declared content: Professional …
Type Marked Content: Gift
Declared Value: $ 0,47
Taxed: Not
Taxable Value:
Tax Value:

And I'm ending here the article on Cola Instantânea Aron Alpha (Aron Alpha Quick Set Adhesive (20g)). Share this article with your friends if you liked ;). If you also want to shop in DX – DealExtreme, directly from Hong Kong, click here and good shopping.

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Eu li nos reviews muitos criticando a cola por endurecer em pouco tempo. Já que o cianoacrilato ativa com umidade, o melhor seria deixar junto, de preferência numa embalagem fechada, um pacote de silica gel. Acho que dessa forma duraria mais tempo. Na DX também vende caixa de silica reutilizável, mas no eBay é um tanto mais barato.

[…] não é tão prático de usar quanto essa versão de 2 grams. Sometimes he drops too much glue. A pipeta resolve esse problema, but using it is not really practical, e temo que ela acabe […]

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