Problems and Solutions: Windows does not allow deleting files with very long names, very long paths, or invalid characters

This is a problem that sometimes happens in Windows. It allows you to create a file that not even he can go off after. Usually the problem is related to a very long file name, too long or invalid characters for a file name.

Looking for solutions on the Internet found a number, but none of them there very good. One involves boot with a Linux Live CD, open the NTFS partition and delete files. This is impractical, it requires restarting the computer, booting another operating system and then return to Windows.

Another solution involves the manager 7Zip. When you delete files by manager 7Zip holding Shift (so that the files are not moved to the Trash) it deletes the files using its own routine instead of Windows Explorer, and this allows you to delete most of the invalid files, but still found problems with some files in the 7Zip simply stops responding.

Other solutions involve getting browsing the command prompt using the short file names (when there are), which is also annoying and time consuming, especially if many files.

Finally, there are solutions that involve paid software, I also discarded.

The inspiration for the ultimate solution came when the same problem occurred in my StorCenter ix2-200 Iomega. The files with very long names, very long paths, or invalid characters placed it also can not be deleted via the Windows file manager. So I had the idea of ​​using the Filezilla Client para conectar ao Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 via SFTP. There was enough select the files / directories problematic and ready, he leaves excluding all regardless of whether the name / path is long or short, or if the characters are valid or not.

But what about the local Windows files? Here the solution was to install Copssh – OpenSSH for Windows and then use Filezilla Client to connect to SFTP server Copssh to access and delete the local file system files.

Recognize that it is not a perfect solution, is just a workaround, but it is still better to pay for a solution or having to stay booting Linux just to delete a file. Also use Copssh to access my files remotely, then the software solution ends up having more utilities.

Update (07/11/2013): Although the Filezilla Client to account for the most problematic files, still remained some that even he could not give account. Then downloaded WinSCP and he gave account of the left over files.

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Marco Aurelio

My problem was in both folder as the file being long, forming in them a path junction (path) much bigger.
I could solve the problem by sharing the folder where the file was and, then, mapping it to a drive letter.
Therewith, the total path (pasta + file) He became smaller and Windows deleted the file easily.
Most likely this will not work when it is just too long files, even if stored in the root partition.
(I saw this tip somewhere that I can not remember at the moment).


intendi not anything all very difficult picked up a little program in java and solved my problem this business woe to download this program found it very difficult


Very Complicated caught a simple and free program and solved my problem to delete files with very long extension of operecional systema.


I could rename the file using 7zip and then usually delete. Obrigadão, I never would have thought of it without your tips.


In my case I'm having trouble with 3 folders that can not erase, but as they are on the external hd I'm afraid to delete all other files, formatting type. So these procedures erased my other files?

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