Playstation 4 (PS4): $400 Obama versus $4000 Dilmas. The blame belongs to those who?

This would be the introduction of the next article you will see that here in Skooter Blog. Along the way I noticed that it was an introduction so great that could already be an article by itself. So the story that follows is my analysis of the Playstation prices 4 US and Brazil, even late, because it was already quite (times) debated. Divirtam-se 🙂

On the day the price of Playstation 4 was announced as US $ 399,99 USA, I prophetically announced to my Facebook friends that in Brazil the cost would be $ 4.000,00, given the high dollar constant and abusive tax of the Brazilian government. Some thought I was exaggerating. Time passed and in the end I ended up hitting the mark.

When the price of R $ 4.000,00 was announced in Brazil, many were unjustly accuse Sony. Yes, wrong! No use accuse me of being fanboy Sony, I have my share of Microsoft products, I have my Super Nintendo, I have my Mega Drive, I stopped to buy a Sony PSP to buy a Dingoo. Ultimately, brand is the least care and to argue which console / manufacturer is best is something I stopped doing when he was a preteen. A certain blogger with Marxist / leftist tendencies ran blame Sony displaying an account with unique tax 60% to maximize profits from Sony. Many people believed. But the fact is that companies can not use the simplified taxation that we consumers have the right. Companies pay various taxes, applied cascaded, on importation and at the time of sale to distributors. Distributors in turn also pay your tax quota. Retailers also. And there are so many taxes and the bill is so complicated that no one can not even calculate the total value of the right government bite. The fact that our taxes are so complicated that no one can not even calculate is a strong indication that there's something wrong in this country. And it has even! And besides tax still has shopkeeper profit and distributor, transport rates which in Brazil is all road and expensive because of too many taxes, insurance prices, which in Brazil is essential because banditry is always on the loose, etc. Add it all up and the amount of R $ 4.000,00 is not only plausible, fica até barato para o padrão brasileiro de extorsão do contribuinte

Some implication with respect that Sony is not subsidizing the price of consoles as it does in the US, where the console is sold at a loss. While it is true, we can blame them for that? First we have to understand why the subsidy in the US. Sony is not doing charity with it. Console manufacturers make money with each game sold. And to sell games is necessary that people have consoles. Nay: so as softwarehouses be motivated to make games for a specific console is necessary that this island has a large installed base (potential buyers), otherwise they do not venture. And even worse: A console does not receive good games people also fail to buy it. So the console manufacturer's point of view, worth giving a boost at the beginning, even if it is losing money on sales, to create an installed base, encourage softwarehouses to make the games and then recover the loss from the sale of these games. Over time the cost of production decreases and manufacturers are to make a profit by selling the console itself. But one misstep in the first year since the launch can be the difference between having the most successful generation console or upset a failure of the Sega 32X size. And there are many examples of technically superior consoles that lost the fight due to its price or lack of games at first.

But all this subsidy story is very beautiful, works great, but… apenas em países como EUA, Japan, etc. In Brazil is a different story. Brazilian buy pirated game from the Atari times 2600, not because they wanted, but because there was market reserve (good, in practice there are still, with so many and so expensive taxes). Many clones of Atari and their cartridges were not licensed. But one really knew it? Only now I realize how much was ridiculous CCE hack games from Activision and others to put your own logo. I had an Atari 2600 the Polyvox, licensed by Atari, mas nem imaginava que todos aqueles consoles “compatible” eram na verdade ilegais perante o mundo civilizado.

Then came the Nintendo unlicensed. Nintendo officially appeared only in Brazil with Playtronic, that did not last long. Sega had more presence thanks to Tec Toy, but until Tec Toy nearly broke and went through a bankruptcy. I have not had many Master System and Mega Drive cartridges, at the time only rented. The Master System strangely never seen a pirate game at the video store, but the Mega Drive rare were the Tec Toy, most were those pirates imported through Paraguay.

Sony ignored Brazil with the first Playstation. Yet he was the best selling console of Brazil for a long time. And it was almost impossible to buy it without the chip that allows you to run pirated games. As rare as was to find original games. O Playstation 2 was also a success in Brazil thanks to piracy. When it came to generation Playstation 3 and XBox 360, the second ended up selling more in Brazil. Guess why? Yes, piracy again. O Playstation 3 only began to sell more in Brazil when they could unlock it, when Microsoft began to ban its network the XBox owners 360 unlocked. In short, in Brazil the success formula is to have a large installed base and good games. No Brasil, every generation, won the race the island which was unlocked first. The Master System was more successful in Brazil than in many other countries, but would have made even more if he had plenty of illegal clones NES. Playstation 1 in Brazil came out on top against its competitors because they used expensive cartridges and the Playstation wore cheapie bought CDs with the nearest street vendor.

Now honestly answer, before a history of these in Brazil, put yourself in the place of Sony and decides to sell the Playstation 4 in Brazil with grant. Remember that the whole idea of ​​selling with allowance assumes that the injury is retrieved with selling games. If tomorrow invent a way to unlock the Playstation 4, game sales should have no major impact in countries like the US. But in Brazil it is certain that the sale of original games plummet, and probably the actual sale of consoles will be driven, with the certainty that citizens will not buy a single game after. Then the injury multiplies and will never be recovered. In such a situation there are only two alternatives: not sell the console or sell without any subsidy, preferably to a profit, as this would start to pirate the games at least there was no injury.

Having said all this, I think the fault of the Playstation 4 cost £ 4.000,00 in Brazil is primarily the huge Brazilian tax burden and secondly of the culture of the Brazilian people to consume pirated games. Whereas the tax burden is the government's fault and who elect the rulers is the Brazilian people, guilt is the same all the Brazilian people, in which I also include myself, even though I have never voted in that party that there is no 12 years in power. They promised tax reform and not only did not do as well also increased the existing tax burden (IOF vacuum 2% to 6,38% an increase of more than 300%).

But back to the announcement of the Playstation 4 R $ 4.000,00. Even before he was done I already predicted that the Brazilian price would be exorbitant and had decided me to buy it outside Brazil, as it did with Playstation 3. O Playstation 3 I bought during a trip to the US in 2009, mas para comprar o Playstation 4 eu não tinha nenhuma viagem em vista, então logo pensei na Amazon e na Shipito. Did not enter the pre-sales, preferred to wait for the first reviews and mainly wanted to wait to see if there would be no design flaw or hardware that would require a recall. It is common to see many units with manufacturing defect at the beginning of sales of a new console. The fear did not materialize. Aconteceram vários relatos de problemas com o Playstation 4, problems but apparently reached less than 1% of units sold, o que parece dentro danormalidade”, after all electronics there is always risk of finding any defect, unfortunately.

Speaking of defects, the guarantee in Brazil Sony consoles purchased abroad is still confusing. Sony não oferece a garantia amigavelmente, but there is case law in favor of consumers. If legally triggered Sony will likely have to repair, exchange or refund the consumer who purchased the console abroad. But an action in Small Claims Court takes at least a few months at best. So who buys a Playstation 4 no exterior tem que estar ciente que pode ter dificuldades em ter a garantia honrada no Brasil. As my Playstation 3 coming from the US is going strong today, decided to risk. Less than 1% Just the same chance to win raffle those one with 100 names, and I never won. 😛

And finally came the day of the launch, but who expected to see the console on store shelves was disappointed. All units in stock were sold quickly or in the pre-sale. A Amazon ficou sem estoque próprio. Only the shops in the Marketplace were with stock, but with prices well above the list price. There were no great stock of hopes normal before the first months of 2014. Porém às vésperas do Natal o inesperado aconteceu e apareceram alguns Playstation 4 in Amazon. I thought about it and decided it was time to buy my. Purchase made in 21/12/2013. In the short time I spent thinking, weighing pros and cons, the first batch is gone and I ended up entering a second batch with shipping forecast just after Christmas, in 26/12. As I had no hope of having it here in Brazil before Christmas did not care. Poucas horas após a compra recebi um e-mail da Amazon informando que minha compra adiantaria. Instead of coming between 03/01/2014 and 06/01/2014 she would get between 27/12/2013 and 02/01/2014. 🙂 É claro que essas datas se referem à chegada do pacote na sede da Shipito.

Want to know how this story ends? Do not miss the next chapter here. It is only here in Skooter Blog. 😉

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também comprei nessa época pela shipito e está quase chegando na minha cidade


Could indicate that some stores usa send to consoles Brazil?
as much as ps3 ps4

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