Now international purchases on eBay and other sites that accept PayPal can now be paid by bank transfer and national credit card

Now everyone can already buy in eBay and other international sites. Payments no longer have to be made exclusively with a credit card. You can add credits in dollars in a virtual interactive credit card that can be used with PayPal. Credits can be paid with national credit card and also with bank slip.

To use the service, enough enter on this page, set the dollar amount you want to load into your PayPal account and choose the payment method. With national credit card credit is made immediately. With bank slip compensation is made in 2 days. The virtual prepaid credit card is added to the PayPal account and will be deducted when you make your purchases.

The exchange rate is a bit salty. At the time I write this article she is R$ 2,505797, While the dollar is quoted at R$ 2,3230 at this very moment, According to UOL. Furthermore, we have our dear IOF, tax that our president increased the rate for abusive 6,38%, making each dollar today costs £ 2,67 the invoice or national credit card, with the included IOF. Not cheap, but at least it's an option for those who have not, can not have or do not want to use the international credit card.

The entire transaction is done by a service called pre paid Brazil, that is a partner of PayPal and eBay. Each refill has a minimum value of $ 25,00 and a maximum value of $ 1.000,00, which is also the monthly limit of dollars that can be purchased with the service.

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