Government decides zero import tax for purchases up to $ 500,00

Good news for Brazilians who like to buy abroad: from today, 01/04/2014, purchases made abroad and delivered by the post office in Brazil or service courier will be exempted from import tax, the rate of which was before 60% of the purchase price and shipping. The measure applies to all products that pass through customs from today. Anyone who has had his taxed package before this date unfortunately can not use, it will be worth the date of issue of the NTS. Heard by report, of Sr. Orlandão, tax Internal Revenue Service in Curitiba was adamant (pun intended): “What tributei, is taxed!”.

The measure took many by surprise and concern traders who fear competition from imported. The finance minister Guido Margarine explains that there is no reason to panic, Such measure is part of a government effort to make the tax reform had been promised by the PT in Lula's campaign 2002 (Note Blog: after 12 years of the PT government, reform not only not out, as well as taxes only increased). With the changes, traders will also pay less tax and will be able to compete with imports because of the freight at lower cost, shorter delivery and warranty exchange in Brazil. The Post Office also promise to review the pricing policy that makes sending a PAC within Brazil more costly than packages that cross oceans come from European and Asian countries to Brazil.

The tax reform also desonerará the cost of manufacturing in Brazilian soil, which certainly encourage domestic production and increasing exports, to balance the trade balance. Margarina also notes that the government will continue to collect from imports: “Only the IOF that I increased from 2,38% to 6,38% already represents a huge collection for the government. Look, after I tripled the tax, only with the IOF Brazilians already pay more to import than the vast majority of countries (laughter)”.

In social networks the impact has been positive for most of the imports of fans, which tend to value the money they earn working honestly. But the tax exemption is not unanimously: a group of socialist movements fans, Communists, leftists and supporters used their purchased iPhones on their trips abroad to protest saying that such a measure only favors “reactionary bourgeois oppressionist fascist drumsticks”. Others were horrified that the minister used the word “Look” in his speech. The student Augusto Tchege-Stick commented: “These reactionary measures are absurd. What is missing now? In a little while will want to leave bandits arrested on the pretext of providing security for the population!”.

Our foreign correspondent in China, April O’Fool, reported that the number of international stores already preparing exclusive deals for Brazilians to celebrate the zero tax. The manager of one of the largest Chinese online shops, you 愚人节 counted with enthusiasm. “Undoubtedly seals the great opportunity! Finally blasileilo leave her to pay half of his salálio to govelno and podelá live better, nor?”.

Source: Verdana Size 11

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1April? O.O.




I honestly didn't want to believe that the blog I follow weekly made a joke like that = /


The only untruth is the title. The rest is the purest truth, inclusive a “Margarine”. kkkkkkk


Great play!!!!


Wow, I fell like a skid…a jackfruit !

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