BTSync 1.3.94 for Synology Disktation DS214play and other

This is another article of the series Problems and Solutions. Adquiri recentemente um NAS Synology America DiskStation 2-Bay Diskless Network Attached Storage (DS214play) and installed it BTSync, with the package SynoCommunity.

Sometime later, got one second DS214play, this time for work. I'll talk about it in a future article here on Skooter Blog. But when trying to install BTSync found that SynoCommunity is down and no return forecast. And the installation package (spk) is not available anywhere else.

Anyone can download the sources here on GitHub and mounting the package on their own. But this task is not easy, even with the instructions of personal. The steps we made were the following:

  1. I installed Debian 32 bits in a virtual machine (does not work with the 64 bits)
  2. Edited / etc / sudoers so that my user could use sudo
  3. I ran the following commands (the second and third had to add on their own):
    $ sudo aptitude install build-essential debootstrap python-pip automake libgmp3-dev libltdl-dev libunistring-dev libffi-dev ncurses-dev imagemagick libssl-dev pkg-config zlib1g-dev gettext git curl subversion check bjam intltool gperf flex bison xmlto php5 expect libgc-dev mercurial cython lzip
    $ wget
    $ sudo python
    $ sudo pip install -U setuptools pip wheel
    $ git clone
    $ cd spksrc/
    $ make setup
  4. Then renamed to the / spksrc / cross / btsync / digests
  5. And both edited / spksrc / cross / btsync / Makefile and / spksrc / spk / btsync / Makefile to change the version number to 1.3.94, which is the last as I write this text. In the original file was still version 1.3.87.
  6. There was only enter / spksrc / spk / bsync and type:
    $ make arch-evansport
  7. Soon! The package is created in / spksrc / packages

The virtual machine was created in VMWare, edits were made at the peak. I used the Debian graphics mode.

Now even seems easy, but gave me a run to solve some bugs, find that could not be using the version of 64 bits do Debian, etc. Not counting the time it took to download the Debian and packages needed in my Internet connection slut radio.

I had all this work for no good soul released the spk already mounted file after the SynoCommunity was down. So I decided to be this good soul and make available the file below:

The package is compressed (7from) because WordPress does not accept .spk files for security.

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