DX – DealExtreme will open a deposit in Brazil. And you can help choose products.

News first hand for you that comes with Skooter Blog: a DX will open a deposit in Brazil to serve all of Latin America. The big advantage is that the products available in the Brazilian deposit will arrive much faster in the hands of customers, it will be posted directly from Brazil.

And other good news is that you, the Skooter Blog reader, may help to choose the products that will be available for local delivery. So tell us in the comments what are the products you would like to have available in the Brazilian deposit.

It is now expected that Dilma not obstruct the contract and that the prices of products in the Brazilian deposit are as good as those of China, and still no risk of tax. A DX already opened deposits in other countries last, as US, England and Australia, but it is the first time she will come to a country outside the civilized world.

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This battery that can be used to recharge a cell several times when no nearby taken is a product that has great demand and should be available in the Brazilian deposit. And aí, have any other suggestions? Count there for us to pass your suggestion to DX.

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Gee life, prices DX, that a few years down here have generally inflated, now run the risk of completely losing their attractiveness. There's no way they maintain a logistics tupiniquim in default without this is reflected in prices. I do not know, I think it may be a shot in the arm…

Marcos Sartori

Certainly they will bring more of these products are already tired of seeing here, however, happily will end with the grace of resellers who charge fortunes and have exorbitant profits: capinhas, Movies, cables, acessórios e adaptadores de celular. Espero que eles tragam baterias, carros e aviões de controle remoto, adaptadores de todos os tipos, produtos para casa e escritório, coisas pra carro e etc. But, eles sabem muito bem o que os brasileiros compram mais, e certamente vão trazer tudo aquilo que vai abastecer as quitandas e camelôs de todas as cidades.

Dolgras (@Dolgrass)

Minha sugestão de produto: Mini 4-Port 1080P HDMI Switch (3-IN/1-OUT)
Porque aqui nas terras tupiniquins ainda vendem (desovam) tvs com apenas uma hdmi 😛


Não seria um bom negocio. For this, eles teriam que pagar os tributos para importar os produtos para o depósito no brasil. After, the freight would be more expensive tb.


Raspberry Pi and their accessories!

João Marcelo

Arduino and its accessories!


And then submit your, blz?
I received an email from Priceangels, but it is a new website http://www.skuda.com.br. It did not is the Price in Brazil, or what. You know what it is about this site??



I usually buy accessories for video games (joysticks, Covers, etc..), parts for model (which are very expensive in Brazil), and electronic components and sensors.


When will the deposit here in Brazil?

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