Problems and Solutions: Error recursive call – Erros de script no script The 7 Deadly Sins (t7ds) using mIRC 7.34 or superior

Who is still adept mIRC I like, updating 7.34 broke a lot of old third-party scripts. This is the case of The 7 Deadly Sins (t7ds). This script seems to have been abandoned by its author for a long time, but I still use the self-identification facilities, auto-join, among other. But always install over it the latest version of mIRC to get the latest features and security fixes. Moreover, mIRC registered a few years ago, after nearly two decades are already using this software that came with me since my teens.

But back to the problem, the solutions I had was no longer refresh mIRC or no longer use the t7ds. As neither seemed reasonable decided to try to identify the problem. Fortunately mIRC easy enough work. A mensagem de erro é “Error recursive call” seguida do nome do script e linha onde o problema ocorre. Just open the editor and locate the line in question and verify that there really is a recursive call.

The point is that mIRC allows you to define functions with internal command names, The overlapping. In this case, to call the internal function we need to put an exclamation in front of the call. But, previous versions of mIRC deduced that a recursive call was actually a call to the internal function, and so the exclamation could be omitted. It is not the case with the version 7.34, which requires that the internal function is explicitly called.

The solution is to find the rows where the error happens and put the exclamation such. For example, the error on line 522 from aliases.ini pode ser resolvido mudando a sintaxe da tal linha de “join $1- ” to “!join $1- ” (all the unquoted). Thus the t7ds wins a survival with new versions of mIRC. 😀

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