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Yes, I know that the focus of Skooter Blog is shopping abroad, but I will take breaks and stops for rehydration, while the IRS is curling up with my last outdoor packages, to talk about some online stores products that are interesting. In general products are not worth acquiring overseas because of the high cost of freight or price not much lower than practical in the national market, in which case not compensate risk pay abusive import duties and Dilma IOF.

To start this talk Easycooler Wine Cellar 8 Bottles I acquired in Submarino. A wine cellar is something that all who appreciate good wine should have. And I am a person who admires a good wine? Actually I'm not :P. Never bought a single bottle. But I really appreciate a product whose taste also depends on a good storage: chocolates.

It is strange as it seems that no one has ever thought of doing something to store chocolate. During the last summer, got to see temperatures of 35 C in my house. I imagine that the situation is even worse in the north and northeast regions. No chocolate resists such temperatures. The chocolate starts to melt about 28 ° C. It's hard to eat chocolate without smearing all fingers with temperatures above that. And if the chocolate becomes too hot, he never returns to the same.

Save chocolate in the fridge is not a good option. Chocolates do not like to very low temperatures as the refrigerators. In addition they are very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. This causes them to separation of sugar and/or fat in effects known as sugar bloom or fat bloom. With this chocolate is with those little white dots on the surface and altered taste.

That's where air-conditioned Cellars as the Easycooler Wine Cellar 8 Bottles. With it you can keep the chocolate in a very close to the ideal storage temperature and consumption. I say next because the cellar temperature is configurable between 8 and 18 C. Chocolate could stay at a temperature around 23 ° C without any problems, winery but this does not allow higher temperatures than 18 ° C. Anyway, 18° C is a temperature suitable for storage and consumption.

My concern with chocolates storage over. Now I can supply the stock even in summer. All it takes is careful to acquire them in a location that stores the correctly, preferably at night time so it does not spoil on the way home. Has supermarkets that do not have appropriate air conditioning and leave the chocolates spoiling the shelves.

A downside of the Easycooler Wine Cellar 8 Bottles is that if there is a power outage she “forget” the temperature to which was configured and returns to the default which is 12° C. So every time the power falls you must reset it. Fortunately the changes between 12 and 18 are gradual enough to avoid major problems.

For those who live in hot regions there is also the problem that this kind of wine cellar uses a thermoelectric cooling system, sem compressor, similar to my USB Mini Fridge and Heater (USB Mini Cooling Fridge). With that he is only able to maintain a temperature of about 12 C below ambient temperature. There is a excellent explanation in blog Inside Cellar, which recommend reading. The recommendation is that the guide itself cellar is used in environments where the temperature does not exceed 25º C. In Brazil I think this is possible only in the south and in places with constantly running air conditioning. Here in the Southeast see temperatures up to 35 C in the house in summer. This implies that the winery will not be able to maintain a temperature below 23 ° C. Therefore it would be inappropriate for wines, but chocolate is okay, 23º C is still a good temperature for it, and in fact that's what happened last summer. But it is unlikely that the ambient temperature of 37 ° C pass here, it would be when the winery begin to not handle or chocolate. Now in late fall and early winter, with milder temperature, the winery is quiet at 18 ° C.

Another concern I had was about the power consumption. Using a Kill A Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor found that in the hot summer, when the thermoelectric device is constantly on, the increase in my energy bill will be about £ 13,00 month. In winter this value must download quite, since the device will work only for maintaining the temperature of 18 ° C. It seems a reasonable value, is less than you pay for a kilo of any reasonable chocolate, then it seems a reasonable cost not to lose the amount invested.

When I had my eye on this cellar I ended up getting a promotion of Submarino When she leaves by R$ 233,10 in vista. I had a voucher of R $ 100,00, I could with my leagues Submarino Card, then the price dropped to £ excellent 133,10 in vista.

In short, If the Easycooler Wine Cellar 8 Bottles is good for wines I don't know, mas para chocolates ela está aprovada 🙂

Easycooler Wine Cellar 8 Bottles

Easycooler Wine Cellar 8 Bottles

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