Submarino: Snoopy & Charlie Brown: Collection Years 60 and Collection Years 70

Snoopy & Charlie Brown is a cartoon that marked my childhood. These two double DVDs have many of the best episodes of Snoopy & Charlie Brown, actually has all the episodes of the year 60 and the first of the episodes of years 70:

In total, 4 DVDs 12 episodes in total. They are:

  1. The Christmas Charlie Brown
  2. All Stars Of Charlie Brown
  3. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  4. This you fond, Charlie Brown
  5. The Dog Is Your, Charlie Brown
  6. It was a summer Fast, Charlie Brown
  7. New Touch, Charlie Brown
  8. You Was Not Elected, Charlie Brown
  9. You Do not Have Time to Love, Charlie Brown
  10. Charlie Brown and the Action Day Of Thanks
  11. It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown
  12. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

Original audio in English, dubbing in Spanish and Portuguese. Todos Dolby Digital 1.0. Note that the dubbing in Portuguese is not the Maga, we know the design of the SBT in our childhoods. It is a second dubbing, the VTI-Rio. There is enough difference between them, the voices are quite different, the names are different, etc. The Maga has a tendency to Brazilianize text, as it did in Keys. The VTI-Rio tends to be more faithful to the original. For example: no original a Marcie chama a Patty Pimentinha de “sir”, that translated into Maga “my” and VTI-Rio translated into “Mr” and sometimes “Lady”. So I ended up solving inconsistency watch with original audio and liked. Now do not change for no more dubbing.

There are also subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The image is 4:3 as non-original. The extras are very interesting, there is a documentary about Vince Guaraldi, the genius behind the music of Charlie Brown, and another documentary about the creation of Woodstock.

It's a shame that the DVD of Years 70 Volume 2, that went out there as “Peanuts 1970’s Collection, Flight. 2″, It was not released in Brazil, and apparently never will. In the USA the collection also stop there. None of years 80, 90, etc. The problem is that the rights which were the Warner Home Video are now the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. The latter may go launch his own collection in the future.

I opted for the acquisition in Submarino because these two were double DVD (and are still) for only $ 25,42 each. Incredibly, cheaper than the Amazon, where are costing US$ 16,99 and US$ 15,99, respectively, at the time of writing this article. It is rare to find any product in Brazil costing less than in the US, then you can not miss.

Snoopy & Charlie Brown: Collection Years 60 and Collection Years 70

Snoopy & Charlie Brown: Collection Years 60 and Collection Years 70

Snoopy & Charlie Brown: Collection Years 60 and Collection Years 70

Snoopy & Charlie Brown: Collection Years 60 and Collection Years 70

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