The day came: You can now order your Doogee DG310 for only $ 88,88, freight and 8GB TF Card Free

As promised in the last article, the great pre-sale exclusively of DX started. You can now get your cell Doogee DG310 for only $ 88,88, with free shipping and free 8GB TF card for 1.000 first orders. A phone with these specifications in Brazil costs easily more than triple that price.

Check out DX of the page to launch and the two models in the store.

Pre-sale DOOGEE VOYAGER2 DG310 Quad-Core Android 4.4 Bar w Phone / 5.0 "IPS, 8GB ROM, OTG, GPS, CONTACT

Pre-sale DOOGEE VOYAGER2 DG310 Quad-Core Android 4.4 Bar w Phone / 5.0 “IPS, 8GB ROM, OTG, GPS, CONTACT

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Ola Skooter
It remains a doubt in relation to Anatel to block non-approved devices that may happen from September this year as reported in the following link:



What do you think of the following option?

The screen and cameras have much greater capacity, but the phone has no brand, despite being highly praised by DX users.


it will not be approved?


the doogee will not be approved


there's no way they can be approved

The government will not want to ratify something that will not give him high taxes.


I bought the Doogee DG310 from DX, took almost 2 months to arrive (arrived yesterday, 30/09/2014) and charged import tax (R$ 142,00), in other words, but 60% of the amount I paid for it on the website (USD 89,99 = R$ 212,00 at the time), but i paid the fee… left in total = R $ 355,00. It works really well, has no flaws and does not crash, is agile, it's pretty big, only the ‘Portuguese language (Brazil)’ there is not 100% translated device, a few items in the configuration appear in English (what is not a problem, it would be worse if it was in Chinese, heheeh).. the camera is not very good, but it is not terrible (only for videos that are really bad)… my operator is hi, I have no problems making connections, but SIM1 is microchip, hence, I put my chip on hi on SIM2, which is the traditional size…
Come with film (2) and mine came with a gift case (because I bought it in the pre-sale), I liked the purchase, still with the fee i think i paid cheap for the features it has…


I will buy DOOGEE VALENCIA DG800 4.5” Android 4.4 KitKat in Amazonas UK and I will arrive in Brazil in November. Hope it works, I'll keep everyone informed.

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