Not buying Exterior: Canada X Brazil 2002 X Brazil 2014

I have said in other articles, but it never hurts to strengthen. See where a comparison between Canada, Brazil from 2002 and the current Brazil for buyers abroad:

Canada Brazil 2002 Brazil 2014
Import Tax 5% (rarely applied, just about the product) 60% (product + freight) 60% (product + freight)
IOF there 2% 6,38%
Postal rate (only when the package is taxed) US$ 5,00 there R$ 12,00
Average Wait Time by Package 10 days 15 days 60 days

Remember that Canada is not necessary to resort to both the exterior, because local prices are usually very competitive. Just paying off only when it is a product that is not available locally, as was the case with my Dingoo, which was the DX in Hong Kong to Canada in my hands only 13 days and without any tax.

And there several shops that, although they are in USA, charge the Canadian tax (5%) and send the product to Canada without risk tax, often using services courier. Is the same as the Amazon It is now for Brazil, but instead of 5% paid almost 100%.

With so exorbitantly higher tax is to be expected that Brazil offers basic services much better, but in reality Brazil loses to Canada at all: health, education, security, employment, to summarize: all! And the trend, unfortunately, is worse…

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