Organizing your ROMs in Mega Everdrive, SD2SNES and other flash carts

ROMs put pictures on an SD card to play in Genesis or Super Nintendo through Mega Everdrive and the SD2SNES is trivial. Just copy and paste, and then navigate to the card with the software itself menus these flash carts.

But for those who like to have the updated collection, I like, the process of updating the SD and keep it organized can be somewhat laborious. For example, I like to separate the ROMs in directories named with the first letter of the name of the game, to facilitate a little navigation. So, instead of a single directory with hundreds of files, I have twenty-odd directories with dozens of files.

This is a partial view of the structure of my SD card Mega Everdrive

This is a partial view of the structure of my SD card Mega Everdrive

How do this process manually is labor, I created this little step-by-step as I do.

First you need to choose a collection. Previously I used the Goodsets, cataloging all ROMs in circulation, including hacks, bad dumps, overdumps, etc. It is a very large number of files, mostly useless, bad dumps and overdumps do not serve for anything since we have a good dump available. Most hacks are also silly, many of them do not work in the real hardware, emulators only. Some may even be worth, but in this case I prefer to keep them separately.

Today the packages that I use for all consoles that use cartridges are the No-Intro. I often download the packages in the tracker Pleasuredome, but I warn that it is a private tracker. No need to call, but to be able to bring the No-Intro packages you need to download and upload torrents free to achieve the necessary credits. As I also collect the MAME and MESS packages (are free), This is not a problem. The No-Intro handle only the best dump each cartridge. They include more than one version of the same game if different regional versions, updated versions, betas, etc. But it's basically just what is available in real cartridges.

Each update package in No-Intro Pleasuredome, I also update my SD cards Mega Everdrive and the SD2SNES. Here is the procedure to follow:

Mega Drive / Master System no Everdrive

The package files are all individually compressed in ZIP format. Unzip one by one is not feasible, of course. That is where it comes the 7-Zip. Using 7-Zip eu seleciono todas as ROMs no Windows Explorer, I right button, select the option “7-Zip” and then “Extract Files”. The 7-Zip interface opens and then just put a temporary directory on field “Extract to:”. Soon, we have all uncompressed ROMs that temporary directory.

The next step is to separate the ROMs in folders with your initials: “A”, “B”, “C”, …, “From”, and further an extra directory, I usually call “#”, to put the ROMs with names beginning with numbers. Usually also leave a directory “BIOS”, despite the original BIOS file may not be used directly as if they were cartridge.

To make the separation enters a program called Folder Axe. It allows separate files in several subdirectories in different ways, among which I use on my SD cards. Well, on the Folder Axe, select the temporary folder created with ROMs uncompressed. Then select the option “By Name” and I type “1” no campo “How many characters in the file name (From the left) should be considered?”. Then just click “Split!” and separating will be.

Folder Axe, software that facilitates the work of dividing ROMs in subdirectories

Folder Axe, software that facilitates the work of dividing ROMs in subdirectories

You need to be very careful with the options in Folder Axe. On one occasion did some wrong configuration and the result was the creation of millions (yes, million) subdirectories. Delete everything was very laborious, as Windows and even the command del DOS internally list the files in memory before deleting them, and try to list millions of subdirectories in memory is quite impossible.

Now, with files already adequately separated make a fine adjustment, creating the directory “#” and moving it all ROMs whose names start with numbers. Furthermore, rename the directory “[” to “BIOS”. After that it's only move the structure created for the desired directory on the SD card.

For upgrades just repeat the same process. As the guard Everdrive “saves” and “snaps” in separate directory, it is safe to delete all directories of outdated collection on the SD card to avoid getting ROMs that have been deleted or renamed since the last version of No-Intro.

In the case of Master System games include some BIOS. A particularly interesting is the BIOS that contains the Alex Kidd in Miracle World, because this version is different from the cartridge version. Here the buttons are reversed, getting the punch button 1 and the jump button 2, as it is more natural. Furthermore, rice cake at the end of each phase is replaced by a hamburger, attempting to character Americanising. This is the version that I played in my Master System II Tec Toy, because she came in memory. So it is this BIOS that I like to play with Mega Everdrive. As the BIOS perform as if they were not directly cartridges you need to patch the ROM. But these ROMs “remendadas” I leave out of the No-Intro directory.

I do this same process for the Master System ROM and the Mega Drive. Of course I leave the ed system separate subdirectories, By this process to do one group at a time. For those with the 32X, the process should also apply for it ROMs.

Super Nintendo no SD2SNES

The procedure the first time is the same as the Mega Drive. Only the updates you need to be careful not to exclude “saves” SD card. Then, before upgrading, it is best to open the parent directory where all the subdirectories with the ROMs to delete and use the Windows search option to find only the ROM files. For both, just put “*.sfc” in the search field. Then just select all and delete all results. Then you must delete the directory BIOS BIOS, because unlike ROMs, they have .bin. So, in the directory structure will only .srm files with the saves.

Once the cleaning, just make the whole process of unpacking the updated collection with the 7-Zip, separate with Folder Axe and move the new structure to the SD card.

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Face… I just lost the entire contents of my hard drive… some kind soul could provide me with a link or torrent of roms?
Originally, a long time ago, I had begun to separate the repeated games roms, essentially, +/-, the same as the young man above claims to have done, but for an unfortunate case of fate, I lost everything I had on my hard drive.

Eduardo Pimentel

If possible, I would also like a copy of your collection.
[email protected]


That “little guy” offers several packs for several everdrives super organized, worth giving a look:

how much is that organized?

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