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Canada: food and other random subjects

But 3 years have passed since the last article of Canada series. I do not even remember very well what he planned to write in the other, but the last promise was talking about the products and the products are not found in Canadian supermarkets. Well, I will try to speak a little of that in this article today, whose focus is on food, but also travels through other random subjects.

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans is not the course of day-to-day Canadian. De fate, they should spend weeks or even months without eating these two ingredients. Possibly not even know of such intrinsic association between them. And certainly do not know that it is okay to put the rice and beans down upon :). The few times I ate rice not prepared for me in Canada, what was a rice tasted somewhat carnival (comes in block), sticky and like anything.

Then beans, só fui ver no refeitório do alojamento onde eu estava inicialmente depois de algumas semanas. I was very happy that day, filled a little pot and went pigeon peas taste had the enormous displeasure to realize that the business was sweet. Yes, they put sugar beans. Worse, also lay tomato sauce. I could not eat it at all.

But that does not mean you can not eat a good rice and beans in Canada. Yes, you can! But will probably have to prepare them yourself. Rice and beans in supermarkets usually have plenty of brands and types we have in Brazil. Rice packages are small amount, nothing 5 As here kg. Bean has more in canned versions, most with those horrible sweet spices, of the grain to be prepared. But most, or maybe all, supermarkets have a few options.

The Save on Foods network is exception and stands out for having wide variety of types of rice and beans sold in bulk. Just grab a bag, position under the dispenser and pull the lever to get all you want. There are scales to weigh that way, but only for their own control, visto que a pesagem “official” é feita no caixa. Moreover, the Save on Foods has not only rice and beans, but all kinds of grains in bulk. E tem também M&Ms à granel que é algo que sinto muita falta no Brasil. 😀

To save time and my few culinary skills, buy onion and garlic powder, thus eliminating the most boring part of making rice and beans that is to prepare the seasoning. I did not notice a significant difference between the natural seasoning and post. Note that I used the powder during preparation and not later. In the case of rice, usava time fritá na-lo. There are even organic options for those who prefer. And forget soybean oil. There the most common oils are canola, the maize and sunflower, whose prices are all similar. Randomly chose the canola and that's what I used all the time I was there.

Pressure cooker to make the beans I had not. I did not think it would be worth buying one and then have to leave it there, então fazia com as panelas comuns que “came” to basement that aluguei. The secret was to let the sauce bean since morning and then prepare it the night, and cook for a long time. I do not remember exactly how much, but was approximately one hour.

One o'clock? This should spend gas to hell, maybe you're thinking. Believe, not spent gas whit! Isso porque todos os fogões que vi no Canadá eram elétricos, like the one you see in the picture below, that was my kitchen companion.

Canadian Electric Cooker

Canadian Electric Cooker

This model should not be the most modern. But I saw in stores were similar: all electric, all with the buttons up there (to stay out of reach of children may?). Also electric oven and a greenhouse under, something I have not seen in national stoves there is a good couple of decades or more. Moreover, I do not know if it was in fact a greenhouse, it seems that the bodyguard pans there.

But then the electric bill must be high? Yeah, so I do not know. My rent already included water, light, gas, Phone and Cable. It seems that it is common practice there rent this way. Moreover, is also common for the rent already includes refrigerator, stove, washer, drying and other utensils. I believe that the price of energy for Canadians is not as high as our. Furthermore, the showers are not electric. Every house has hot water. Curiosamente a água é aquecida por… gas! Do not use in stoves, but use the warmers, including the heating system, that is virtually indispensable considering the harsh winters. But there are also electric portable heaters, these should spend enough. Returning to the heated water: in addition it is also typically available in the shower bathroom sinks and kitchen, addition of washing machine. In Brazil the majority of washing machines use only cold water, there almost all have two water inlets: one for cold water and another for hot water.

But back to the rice and beans. Here is the photo below the first meal I even prepared on Canadian soil. Note powdered spices in the background. Cookies then I bought ready, frozen, and just baked.

My first rice and beans on Canadian soil

My first rice and beans on Canadian soil

Since it is to dine alone, best in front of the TV watching Friends

Since it is to dine alone, best in front of the TV watching Friends

The purpose. Assista sitcoms, many sitcoms. There are several TV channels where they are in abundance: Friends, Seinfeld, etc. Obviously no subtitles option in Portuguese, you have the most of closed captions English. This helps a lot to improve their language skills. Soon the number of times I had to ask someone to repeat something because I did not greatly diminished. Algum tempo depois eu já estava ensinando um canadense completamente bêbado a chegar na estação de metrô. And we understand each other perfectly. 🙂

Stuffed Biscuits (ou Biscoitos como falam erroneamente os não-paulistas 🙂 )

Once eliminated trans fat, started using wholemeal flour, among other healthy measures, Brazilian stuffed biscuits were bad. Nowadays the only one I still like is the Chocolícia. But there are good years ago had very tasty options like Trakinas, Bond, etc., whose taste was much better than the current.

Well, this type of filled wafer practically does not exist in Canada, except for Oreo, I experienced there and also did not like. A maioria dosbiscoitosdeles são o que nós chamamos de cookies no Brasil. Yes, eu sei que pelo dicionário Cookies is cookie in Portuguese, but for some reason the Brazilians use the name in English specifically for the type of Cookies com aquelas gotinhas de (almost always) chocolate. O que conhecemos aqui como bolacha recheada ou biscoito parece ser conhecido como sandwich cookie by. Anyway, do yourself a favor to yourself and dispense the cookies Supermarket. Prefer to buy fresh cookies in coffee shops and the like. They are much more delicious.

As for the type wafers cornstarch, brine, etc. There are several options. Only pay attention because there are versions without salt. One day I picked up a supermarket and looked in the box only side written in French and did not notice it was without salt. It tasted of nothing. The purpose, all there is written in English and French, since there are two official languages. Sometimes each side of the package carries a tongue.

Oreo is not hot. The biscuits there are good. Já as crackers, are only good in the version with salt. The other tastes like nothing.

Oreo is not hot. The biscuits there are good. Já as crackers, are only good in the version with salt. The other tastes like nothing.

Americans seem like enough of Cornflakes type cereal for breakfast. In Brazil such products has little variety and a limited shelf space. US supermarkets and Canada is common to find whole sections only with this type of product, with a very wide range.


Yeah. I like Yakult and took a little pot per day, nearly every day, at the time he went to Canada. And there does not exist Yakult. I came to research and indicated me the Chinese supermarkets to find similar. I ended up buying this Chinese Yakult there the picture below in the Chinese supermarket West Edmonton Mall. Unlike Yakult, that needs to be kept refrigerated and is valid for a few weeks, the “Yakultschineses ficavam fora da geladeira no supermercado e valiam mais de um ano. I should have known it would not be the same. Got home, put in the fridge and when I try: horrific! In the end I could only take Yakult again when I returned to Brazil.

O "Yakult" da China. Tastes awful.

The “Yakult” da China. Tastes awful.

Quando perguntei para a minha landlord on beverages with lactobacilli she made a terrible disgusted face and asked: “Você gosta daquilo?”. After taking this business then I understood why. Moreover, uma curiosidade sobre minha landlord. She is German, and the family still lives in Germany. Sempre que se referia à sua infância na Alemanha ela diziaEast Germany”, even years and years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

O Supermercado Chinês do West Edmonton Mall é o T&T lá no fundo

O Supermercado Chinês do West Edmonton Mall é o T&T lá no fundo


If you read the article on cellar chocolates should know how much I take seriously chocolates. One advantage of living in Canada is that Lindt chocolate is widely available and more affordable than in Brazil. Nevertheless, C$ 3,00 by a rod of 100 grams is not necessarily cheap. But there are Canadian options more affordable. The network of drugstores Shoppers, for example, have chocolates in the Swiss style, However manufactured in Toronto, with similar tastes to Lindt, including a line is equivalent to each of flavors Lindt.

He also noticed that the majority of candy bars are 100 grams. An exception is the Cadbury, that can be found in bars 200 grams. Overall Canadian supermarket chocolate is good and is not and should for chocolate Brazilian supermarket (note that I am not considering the craft and related). If you expect to see brands that found in Brazil there, not going to see much, except Kit Kat (that in my time had not yet been re-released in Brazil), Children, and some other. Even Nestlé I expected to see more often, but there are few equivalents.

Forget Lacta and Boy! Despite the Lacta was acquired by Kraft Foods (que agora se chama Mondelez) Boy and was acquired by Nestlé, multinational giants have chosen to leave the mark restricted to Brazil. Strategy to sell Boy bonbon box to the gringo free shop the international departure area of ​​the airport at exorbitant prices? I think it's not quite. Probably the scheme is to profit from the mark where it is already strong, but of no interest to put it to create market and compete with their own products where it is unknown. Coca-Cola does the same thing with its regional soft drinks. If for Coca-Cola side you find worldwide, Guarana Jesus, what is now the Coca-Cola, remained restricted to their place of origin: Maranhão.


Not, you do not need to stop eating bananas in Canada. They are widely available there. At least the nanicas, because I do not remember seeing other varieties. The difference is that the price there is greater, because they are often imported from countries in Central America. If so organic, the price will be higher still. Moreover strawberries, apples, and other fruits in cold regions tend to be cheaper than in Brazil, of course.

Moreover, it must also be applied to various other types of food. Salmon, for example, an expensive fish in Brazil, but it has far more affordable in Canada.

Soft drinks

Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, etc. are almost universal. You will find them easily in Canada, only in packages of shapes somewhat different from our. Moreover, apparently each country adopts a different pattern of cans and soda bottles. There are also several foreign soft drink flavors that you do not see in Brazil. Just forget guarana, because apparently guarana soda is not popular there. But it is not something I really have searched, although quite like guarana in Brazil.

Soda Fountain

Soda Fountain

Isotonic Drinks Machine

Isotonic Drinks Machine

Milk Machine Snacks and Candy Machine

Milk Machine Snacks and Candy Machine


Yes, what you heard proceeds. Canadense faz churrasco com carne de hambúrguer e salsicha. Participei de alguns deles e aparentemente eles se satisfazem com isso.

Even the Brazilians in Canada end up making barbecue in the Canadian style

Even the Brazilians in Canada end up making barbecue in the Canadian style

E encerrando

Note that this article reflects my impressions living in Edmonton, capital of the province of Alberta. Probably many impressions do not apply to the entire Canada. In cities with many Brazilians, as Toronto, it is possible that Brazilian products are more easily found. I also spoke here of a few products, particularly those who had more contact. Six, for example, the difficulty of finding good condensed milk in Canada. I know that replace milk Girl revenue on the other condensed milk gives any taste difference, but I contented myself with chocolates, cookies, and ice cream for dessert while I lived there, so this was not a problem I have faced.

And former player series on Canada, please be revealed if you are still here after all this time. 😉

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