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Sega Genesis – PCB VA6 – Sound samples

If you missed the article about the sound difference in the different versions of the Mega Drive and sound samples of the Mega Drive III Tec Toy, strongly recommend reading before it continue, because I will not explain here again the reasons for not all Mega Drive have the same sound.

Now, with acquisition of Sega Genesis model 1 from the U.S., redid all the recordings using the “new” console. In this test I used the same games and test music Mega Drive III, so that the two displays can be directly compared.

Then review the video with the sound of the Mega Drive III Tec Toy PCB VA0:

Now compare the video with the sound of Sega Genesis (model 1) PCB VA6:

As before, Youtube compression may cause changes, then also I leave a FLAC version with lossless compression:

Mega Drive III – Tec Toy – PCB VA0
Sega Genesis – USA – PCB VA6
Sonic The Hedgehogflacflac
Sonic The Hedgehog 2flacflac
Shadow Dancer – The Secret of Shinobiflacflac
QuackShot Starring Donald Duckflacflac
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouseflacflac
Streets of Rageflacflac
Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System)flacflac
Sonic The Hedgehog 3flacflac
Streets of Rage 2flacflac
Vapor Trailflacflac

Did you notice any difference? Leave your comment.

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