Did you know the Space Tunnel of Polyvox actually called SPACEMASTER X-7? (Atari 2600)

Days ago I was playing with the Atari 2600 and the Harmony Cartdrige and I remembered a game called “Space Tunnel”, I never had, but I have a cousin who always lent to a colleague and brought home for us to play. It was one of our favorite games.

Once I've been reminded pick you up at Harmony menu, but when loaded the name of ROM “Space Tunnel” It appeared a very different game than I was looking for, developed by Bit Corporation:

Space Tunnel da Bit Corporation

Space Tunnel da Bit Corporation

Was my failing memory? I checked all the games list to see if he thought any other name name that could be the game I was looking for, but found nothing.

I then decided to turn to Google and I ended up finding the solution to the mystery in Atarimania. Here is the screenshot “Space Tunnel” of my childhood:

SpaceMaster X-7 da 20th Century Fox / Fox Video Games,  o "Space Tunnel" the Polyvox

SpaceMaster X-7 da 20th Century Fox / Fox Video Games, the “Space Tunnel” the Polyvox

My memory has not failed! The real name of the game is Spacemaster X-7, as released by 20th Century Fox / Fox Video Games, but in Brazil the Polyvox released it as “Space Tunnel”, do not know whether by mistake or on purpose. It in Atarimania has to scan the hood and manual:

The X-7 cartridge SPACEMASTER, original name of 20th Century Fox Game / Fox Video Games

The X-7 cartridge SPACEMASTER, original name of 20th Century Fox Game / Fox Video Games

No Brasil a Polyvox chamou o "SpaceMaster X-7" de "Space Tunnel"

In Brazil the Polyvox called “SpaceMaster X-7” from “Space Tunnel”

Not only have changed the game name, Activision put a logo on the cartridge, being that Activision has nothing to do with any of the two games, seen five or “Space Tunnel” original é da Bit Corporation e o “SpaceMaster X-7” é da 20th Century Fox / Fox Video Games. And to cover the Polyvox chosen for your “Space Tunnel” It has more resemblance to the “Space Tunnel” original do que com a do “SpaceMaster X-7”, the fact that the game is contained in the cartridge.

A capa do cartucho do "Space Tunnel" original da Bit Corporation

The cartridge cover “Space Tunnel” original da Bit Corporation

And to add to the confusion, CCE launched “Space Tunnel” original here, including making that traditional slutty replacing the original producer of the logo for her own:

O "Space Tunnel" da CCE

The “Space Tunnel” da CCE

The Space Tunnel CCE cartridge

The Space Tunnel CCE cartridge

Then Brazil ended up having two games named “Space Tunnel”, whereas the Polyvox was actually the “SpaceMaster X-7”. It is worth checking this game, which starts relatively easy but has increasing difficulty and slowly gets pretty hard.

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I bought this game, half blind and I was surprised when I went looking for the cover of the game to print and assemble, It wasn't the same. Then I found your article explaining, and really, I found the box on the site atarimania.
Very cool these historical facts a little crazy the Polivoks.
I bought these days a pac-Man, It was made by Atari and the Polivoks has put in a box of Activision, and the Megamania to Activision, She put into standard Atari.
I imagine that, as they had stock of one or another box mould, used regardless of the original manufacturer of the game.

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