Nintendo closes operations in Brazil because of high taxes

Sad news for those who like video games. Nintendo, one of the three major console makers and games in the world, and probably the oldest still active producing cutting-edge consoles, is terminating its activities in Brazil.

Nintendo has officially arrived in Brazil in 1993 by Playtronic, a company created in partnership between Gradiente and Estrela to represent Nintendo here. The console of those times was still the Super Nintendo.

Currently who took care of the distribution of games and Nintendo consoles in Brazil was Gaming Brazil, subsidiary of Juegos de Video Latinoamérica. A Juegos continue its business as a representative of Nintendo in Latin America, but Brazil is excluded.

And the culprit for everything, according to Nintendo itself, is the high Brazilian tax burden. Not that it was ever low, but during the 12 years of the PT government it only further increased. And the worst is that we still have at least another 4 years to come with the same government and the trend is that many other companies also close the doors here.

Games and consoles imported become the only option for Nintendo. Then there is the hint of some international shops that Skooter Blog already assessed and approved:

You can also buy in any US shops and redirect to Brazil with Shipito. This is how we got our Playstation 4 directly from the U.S..

Want to know how were our purchases in each of these shops? Check the links below:

And it's good run, because this government has more than tripled the value of the IOF in international shopping (from 2% to 6,38%) in recent years, then do not doubt that this tax will have further increase, or worse, the imports eventually become prohibited again. 🙁

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71% consoles tax for that?
Is there any domestic manufacturer?
The expensive Zeebo the Tectoy, que rodava jogos feitos pra celular acabou há mais de 3 years.

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