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A cartridge containing two games Ms. Pac-Man and Tapper, for Atari 2600. This was, if memory serves me, the third cartridge Atari 2600 I possessed in my life, there in mid- 1988. Moreover, is the third cartridge as a whole, for the Atari 2600 was my first console. The first cartridge was Enduro, that came with the console, and the second was the other two game cartridge, with River Raid and Fantastic Voyage.

The cartridge was of the J.F., as I could rescue here from my old short list. Apparently got to have 3 Cartridges JF, all with two games. Searching little could remember and find the cover of cartridges, they were all generic, unrelated to the game, as seen in the photo below that I removed the AtariGuide.

Cartridge typical J.F. with Atari games 2600, Generic cover unrelated to the games contained in the cartridge

Cartridge typical J.F. with Atari games 2600, Generic cover unrelated to the games contained in the cartridge

I have no further information of such J.F. It should be just one of many Brazilian companies that emerged at the time of market reserve, vendendo cartuchos de Atari 2600 without authorization and without the softwarehouses originais recebessem nada por isso. The national games industry was nonexistent and merely make the Atari clones 2600 e vergonhosamente alterar os jogos removendo os logotipos das produtoras originais e inserindo suas próprias marcas (Hi CCE!). And the saddest thing is that 30 years passed and Brazil continues protecting a national non-existent industry, making it increasingly difficult to import with its numerous taxes. E se governos anteriores ainda conseguiram pequenos avanços ao liberar as importações e lançar um moeda forte, PT is ending this by promoting the devaluation of our currency and the absurd increase in taxes as the IOF. Definitely not so we will have a strong games industry.

But anyway, was with the cartridge J.F. I met Ms. Pac-Man do Portal 2600 even before knowing his disastrous predecessor: the Pac-Man. Unlike the first, the Ms. Pac-Man is very nice. Labyrinths have greater variety and each phase has a fruit that eventually appears floating through the maze. The flicker Ghosts is less frequent, despite still being given any technical constraints of Atari 2600. Moreover, they only passaram a se chamar “Ghosts” após a primeira versão do Atari 2600, because in arcade original eles eram apenasmonstros”. A Atari resolveu chamá-los de fantasmas para contornar a limitação e transformá-la em característica. As mudanças de cores dos labirintos também contribuem para que o jogo seja mais variado e menos cansativo. Os sons também estão bem melhores no Ms. Pac-Man.

Ms. Pac-Man, do Portal 2600

Ms. Pac-Man, do Portal 2600

The Ms. Pac-Man has some game modes for beginners that allow you to leave only one, two or three phantoms. I remember one time, in my childhood, have selected the model just a ghost to see how far the game was. I just tiring after a while, but it was enough to realize that the game has no end, and that at some point the phases and fruits start to repeat. I tried to repeat the feat in the video I made to show the game. Just getting tired well before, but played enough to show it happen repetitions. 🙂

Check out the video I made showing the Ms. Pac-Man do Portal 2600:

Regarding Tapper, no início era só o jogo que vinha junto com o Ms. Pac-Man. It was because of him that bought the game, they did not know, and early left sideways because it does not quite understand the functioning. Mas logo que enjoei um pouco do Ms. Pac-Man and decided to give attention to it, percebi que o Tapper is a great game. Did not know the version arcade, for me the Atari version 2600 was all that existed. I just really enjoying the game. At the time I developed a technique that could make the button sequence, directional pair below, button, directional down, … and so on very quickly and without fail. With that I could “Finish” the game without great difficulty. The quotes are because the game has no end in fact, it just returns to the first phase, but more difficult. I tried to repeat the feat for video, but could not, lost this ability unfortunately :(.

Tapper, do Portal 2600

Tapper, do Portal 2600

Another skill I left in my childhood was to always hit what is the can that the monkey did not hit the mini-game that appears between the phases. As a child I rarely missed this mini-game, but now I rarely hit. I can no longer follow the correct tin during the exchanges as I followed in my childhood.

Only when I met MAME, at least 10 years after meeting Tapper do Portal 2600, is that I know the Tapper arcades. It must be recognised that they did a great job in this port do Portal 2600, well managed to maintain the main elements of the game, even with the limitations of Atari 2600. Even managed to put the mini-game and leave the game with music all the time. Few Atari games 2600 which has constant music during the game. The port was made by U.S.. Gold and published by Sega. The same Sega later still give me a lot of joy with the Master System and the Mega Drive.

In version arcade, Besides the more advanced graphics and sound, the dancers dancing cancan are not just a phase-end animation as the Atari 2600, but participate directly in the gaming functionality, as it happens in the middle of the dance stage, and at that time some customers are distracted looking at the stage, passing up the glasses that you throw at them. So it takes extra care not to send glasses for distracted customers.

Check out the video I made showing the Tapper do Portal 2600:

Unfortunately my cartridge with Ms. Pac-Man and Tapper do Portal 2600 short-lived. Lent to a neighbor and a beautiful Saturday Sun storm, I got home and he came to bring me the cartridge. A few hours ago a electric shock burns his console, that was plugged in. My cartridge was in and burned it at. I could only play Ms. Pac-Man again some three years later, when I won a cartridge 16 games in which he was included. Regarding Tapper, I could only play again when I met the emulators almost ten years later, in mid- 1997. In a real console I've only been playing it recently, but 20 years after, when I got my Harmony Cartridge.

Ironically on the same day that I received the news that my cartridge with Ms. Pac-Man and Tapper had burned, I had just won a cartridge 4 featuring games Pac-Man, Chopper Command, Pitfall, and Entombed. When choosing thought the Pac-Man was the same, but just wanting to anyway because of other 3 games, in particular the Pitfall I already knew. When I got home and tested the cartridge, I was happy to see that the Pac-Man era “different”, and I had not been with a repeated game. The joy was short-lived, as with the news that my Ms. Pac-Man had gone to heaven cartridges, I found that I was only with the Pac-Man “different and worse”, and without anything like the Tapper.

Ultimately, that was the story of my cartridge with Ms. Pac-Man and Tapper, and these games known as. I hope you enjoyed.

Some of the items that were used to make the recording gameplay games:

  1. Elgato - Game Capture HD60
  2. Atari 2600 US VCS with S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Audio and Pause
  3. Framemeister XRGB Mini
  4. Harmony Cartridge
  5. Joystick CX40
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