Frostbite – Atari 2600

Frostbite It is another one of the great games Activision, responsible for many of the best games Atari 2600. As I recall, I did not get to have this game in my childhood, but I played quite lending cartridge colleagues and then with the emulators. Today with Harmony Cartridge and the Atari 2600 US VCS with S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Audio and Pause I can play on real hardware, just like in my childhood.

Good graphics for Atari 2600, good sound effects, increasing difficulty, funny. Ultimately, Frostbite has all the ingredients of a good game. Thanks to that he survived the test of time, and more 30 years after its launch, which occurred at 1983, ainda é divertido jogá-lo e ajudar o esquimó a construir seu iglu antes que a temperatura antes que a temperatura chegue a 0º e o congele. Zero graus pode não parecer tão frio, mas lembre-se que o jogo foi desenvolvido nos EUA, então provavelmente são 0º F, o que equivale a -18º C, então é bem frio sim. 😛

Frostbite - Atari 2600

Frostbite – Atari 2600

And to close, I leave a little video demonstrating the Frostbite, gravado em um legítimo Atari 2600, nothing emulation:

Some of the items that were used to make the recording gameplay from the Frostbite:

  1. Elgato - Game Capture HD60
  2. Atari 2600 US VCS with S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Audio and Pause
  3. Framemeister XRGB Mini
  4. Harmony Cartridge
  5. Joystick CX40
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Did 170.000 no ultimo sábado, no encontro do Canal3. É dos meus jogos favoritos.

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