Snoopy and the Red Baron

Snoopy and the Red Baron from the Atari 2600 It is another one of those games that I did not have, but I played enough as a colleague and had lent me for a long time. O cartucho, most likely not licensed, It was very different from the others. I could not find a single photo on the Internet, so I will try to describe: the cartridge was smaller and thinner. Only the bottom, that fit the console had, normal size. But the part that was out of the cartridge compartment was thin, probably watching the size of PCB.

I confess that the first few times I played Snoopy and the Red Baron, I could not identify the Snoopy. In my head it was a strange robot I was controlling. Perhaps because the TVs where I played at the time had one poorly definition, even for a sprite from Atari 2600, including mine was black and white. Perhaps because Snoopy image of a small house was not in my head, even though I Snoopy watch in my childhood. I wondered why the game had Snoopy the name had nothing to do. I think it was only when I played on emulators that the penny dropped and I could see Snoopy there.

The Snoopy and the Red Baron They met in mid- 1988 (probably) It was released by Atari in 1983. It Snoopy flies his doghouse in a dogfight against the red baron, just like in comic strips and as seen in some special TV, like It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, from 1966. The goal is to bring down the red baron, and also capture the food he drops from time to time. Care should be taken not to get in the sights of the red baron, for it also throws in the house and can shoot it. The button triggers a machine gun close-range when pressed continuously, and long-range shots when the button is released, which contributes to create dynamic and different strategies.

In standard mode Snoopy begins with 4 houses. If a house is reached 8 times, it is dropped. Red Baron also needs 8 shots to be slaughtered. You must shoot down 4 barons to complete the phase. Starting another phase of the doghouse Snoopy is restored. Capturing 3 of each type of food that the baron tips you gain a new house. Knocking 50 barons earn yourself a golden Baron. There are other game modes, two harder and easier, which can be accessed by key “Game Select”.

Today I can see the Snoopy and all the details see the game is well done. The effect of “zoom” Red Baron, the bullet holes in the house, it seems that Atari paid attention to detail. The sound effects and any little songs are also legal.

Snoopy and the Red Baron

Snoopy and the Red Baron

After he gets the hang, the game is easy. I played for almost 1 time and managed to bring down 100 barons, I did not lose any house and won 3 Extra houses. With two golden barons stopped playing because my hand was already hurting. In my childhood I could play all day it did not hurt, old is coming :(. The game apparently has no end, but I was curious to know what would happen if I fill the screen gold barons, or even how much would the score that was in 25.600 when I stopped playing. But as you can not go through life playing, I'll have to stay with curiosity. 🙂

Want to rest a little hands? Just do not press the button on the barons count screen shot down and retrieved food. Within seconds start to a “marching rest” for to listen while resting. But be careful, others rest and the game ends. That's it, it ends as if you had lost! Why did the programmer so I can not say. So not even you can play up to “end” if only gradually. With mine Atari 2600 having against Pause, or with emulators SaveState to give, but I'll leave that task for you reader. 🙂

Moreover, um parenteses, eu I like to try to break records, as I did with the Enduro, compete with friends, participar de rankings, etc. But just think about it when grace surpass the record is a challenge that requires skill. I do not see much grace when a record is just a matter of time and patience. In many games, unfortunately, get the highest score, for example, it's just a matter of getting back repeatedly and making enemies reappear again to defeat them and, so, gradually increasing the points to get in 999.999 ou something. Sometimes just keep repeating the same stage thousands of times, collecting an extra life to then commit suicide and start over. This is all I think somewhat bland, it just takes time and patience, no skill. I remember the days when I received the newsletter of the deceased Master Club of Tec Toy that there was a list of records and many of them could only have been obtained in this way. I even admired, but today only think: there is time and patience!

It is curious also remember how it worked proof of such records. You could the feat and took a picture of the TV, with a chemical film camera, obviously, e sem usar o flash (common mistake of beginners). Revealed the picture and sent there for Tec Toy or any games magazine register your record. Imagine this today, digital cameras times, changes in Photoshop, Changed ROMs, etc. How to prove a record? With emulators is virtually impossible, since the tools speedrun They're there. In the real hardware as I did with the Enduro, capturing the whole game, it may be a bit more complicated defraud an outcome, but should not be impossible.

And to close, I leave the video in which I played to get the two golden barons, gravado como de costume no hardware real do Atari 2600, No Emulation:

And here are some of the items that were used to make the recording gameplay from the Snoopy and the Red Baron:

  1. Elgato - Game Capture HD60
  2. Atari 2600 US VCS with S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Audio and Pause
  3. Framemeister XRGB Mini
  4. Harmony Cartridge
  5. Joystick CX40
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Ulysses 8Bits

É um jogo muito bonito graficamente. E a questão dos furos na casinha é algo incrível para um Atari fazer. Além disso tem a questão das músicas, da tela de transição que conta barões derrubados, a variação de tiros etc. É de fato um jogo muito bom. Embora na época que preferisse jogar mais os clássicos como River Raid e Enduro, além de Keystone Kapers. Tem uma curiosidade. Os movimentos do Barão Vermelho do Atari, voos curtos e sinuosos, são exatamente os mesmos movimentos que o avião real, do barão vermelho real fazia. O avião era bom em manobras deste tipo.

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