jun 11 2015

Hot Wheels

Never too late to start a collection, some? My began last month and now I got this gift of Valentine's Day:

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels

I still need to decide where my carts will be parked. Anyone there also collects Hot Wheels? Where they are saved?

My current 10 carts, including the photo, these are here:

BFD78-07B3HW WorkshopHW Garage207/2502014 Corvette Stingray2014Grey MetallicMalaysia
CFH37-07B3HW WorkshopHeat Fleet206/25074 Brazilian Dodge Charger2015PurpleMalaysia
CFH39-07B3HW WorkshopSpeed Team194/25070 Chevy Chevelle2015Dark Blue MetallicMalaysia
CFH84-07B3HW WorkshopThrill Racers189/250Lamborghini Veneno2015Dark Red MetallicMalaysia
CFH86-07B3HW WorkshopNightburnerz196/250Porsche 911 GT3 RS2015YellowMalaysia
CFJ06-07B3HW WorkshopMuscle Mania228/25067 Pontiac GTO2015Blue MetallicMalaysia
CFJ13-07B3HW WorkshopHW Drift Race236/250Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR2015WhiteMalaysia
CFJ26-07B3HW WorkshopThen and Now250/250Aston Martin DBS2015Dark Red MetallicMalaysia
CFK19-07B3HW CityTooned59/250Snoopy2015RedMalaysia
CFK90-07B3HW RaceWorld Race146/250BMW E36 M3 Race2015BlueMalaysia

Also check out carts offers and other Hot Wheels products. Also I found some in AliExpress and no eBay.

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