Saving the dog ration without impairing the quality

Since I adopted my dog ​​with 40 day old until about 10 months, I fed him with food Pedigree Vital Pro Puppies Small Breeds, Premium food and no dyes. He has adapted very well and had no problems, so I chose to keep it throughout their childhood / adolescence canine, which corresponds to one year for human.

A Pedigree Vital Pro Puppies Small Breeds It is indicated for up dogs 10 months old. So with 10 months approaching I was trying to go searching an adult ration to start the replacement process. The exchange would be natural for Pedigree Vital Pro Adult Small Breeds, but this is a food with dyes. I also noticed that the exchange could be a good opportunity to improve feed my dog, passing for a Super Premium.

But research by Super Premium revealed that prices are nothing attractive. As I paid about £ 34,00 the package 2,7 Kg da Pedigree Vital Pro Puppies Small Breeds, the Super Premium rations in small packages used to cost more than double. I know that good food is not only spending, but an investment in dog health. But it seems to me means disproportionate pay the price of prime beef in kilo kilogram of ration, however good, It is still made with 200 grams or less of refrigerator debris and most of it is just corn or rice that has little use for an animal that is carnivorous in nature.

On the other hand, I noticed that could save by buying food in larger quantities. The bags 15 Kg usually have much more advantageous prices. For example, The bag 3 Kg da Pedigree Balance Natural Adult Small Breeds costs in the range of R $ 34,00 the package 3 Kg, which gives £ 11,33 per kilo. The package 15 Kg costs about R $ 108,00, which gives £ 7,20 per kilo. It's a savings of more than 35%.

But it gets better than this, researching the price of feed Super Premium in large packages, I ended up finding the feed Premier Formula Small Breed Adult Dogs, it seems to be the one with better value for money from Super Premium, perhaps because the PremieR pet be a national brand, unlike the others that are international brands, though being manufactured in Brazil. Or maybe because they do not make heavy investments in advertising as Mars, que fabrica a Pedigree and to Royal Canin. Of course, this all propaganda ends up increasing their product.

A Premier Formula Small Breed Adult Dogs It was costing in the range of R $ 126,00 the package 15 Kg when did the research. This gives £ 8,40 per kilo, a little more expensive than the Pedigree, but little difference if we consider that one is Premium and the other is Super Premium. Furthermore, migrating to packet 15 kilos I'd be coming out of R $ 12,60 per kilo which paid in Pedigree Vital Pro Puppies Small Breeds to £ 8,40 in Premier Formula Small Breed Adult Dogs. In other words, make a saving of 33% and it would still offering better food for my dog.

It is worth noting that recently the Premier Formula Small Breed Adult Dogs had increased, I am now paying around £ 135,00 the package 15 Kg. This increase apparently did not happen with other brands. Maybe it's just the crisis and the return of inflation to which the PT presented us. But anyhow is still offsetting.

But there was still one detail, how to store 15 Kg diet without it loses nutrients and / or taste? Such a package should last, by my count, up to about 2 months with the amount that my dog ​​consumes daily. Manufacturers recommend that a bag of feed is consumed in a maximum of one month after open. How to solve this?

Researched, researched, researched… pretty! And the various imperfect solutions found, I present here what I thought was the best option. Were two products, with a high cost both to my taste, but as need be done only once, ends up paying off. The economy by purchasing the package 15 Kg ends up recovering the amount invested with only a bag of feed.

The first is the Pet Closing. It is a closure to those found packaging for food and that work well at the snack package, but it is designed to feed packaging, which are larger and thicker plastic. That way I can keep the food longer in their original packaging hermetically sealed (or nearly) preventing air circulation and consequently preventing loss of nutrients and flavor.

Feed package closed with Pet Closing

Feed package closed with Pet Closing

But of no use have Pet Closing and stay opening the feed bag daily to fill the little pot of feed. And I went in search of an airtight packaging that could store 3 a 5 kilograms of feed, so I just needed to open the feed bag 3 a 5 times, and less than once per week, to supply the packaging before it completely empty. It was not easy finding a pot with such features. Most of the pots I found were not airtight, including those which are sometimes offered as a gift along with the ration package 15 Kg of some brands.

Until finally I found the pots Lock & Lock. Among the many pots that mark, There is a line called pet series, it just serves to keep feed and snacks for pets. With versions of 2,3L, 4,3L e 5L, acabei optando pelo pote de 5L. There rubbers across the cover. Most cover that remove only fills you feed has a lower cap to open and catch the food on a daily basis. It comes also with a dosing cup to catch the feed. Thus, to fill the pot of dog food I need only open the pot Lock & Lock, and it also ends up being opened only once or twice per day, keeping food in good condition for the time of 5 ~ 10 days until it empty and needs to be replenished.

Pote Hermético Pet Series 5L Lock & Lock

Pote Hermético Pet Series 5L Lock & Lock

Pote Hermético Pet Series 5L Lock & Lock

Pote Hermético Pet Series 5L Lock & Lock

With these solutions, I went into replacement. Remember that all exchange ration must be done gradually, gradually decreasing the proportion of the former feed the mixture and increasing the feed of the new. This must be done because sudden changes in the protein source cause problems for the dog, decreasing stool consistency.

Complete replacement and now my dog ​​is fed with Premier Formula Small Breed Adult Dogs, with which he also adapted well. Regardless of which is chosen feed, packets larger always tend to have a low cost per kilo, then the solution found should work for any feed and any size / breed of dog. Moreover, it would be interesting to test this solution with cats, after all they are more discerning about what they will eat and often refuse to feed if it is not good, what a dog hardly makes. Then yes it would be possible to know whether the Pet Closing and pot Lock & Lock they are good.

And you, which purchases feed? Package of how many kilos? What is your solution to keep the feed in the best conditions if you purchase large packages? Leave your answer in the comment. 🙂

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Wave! Obrigada pelas dicas, adorei 😀
Mas nao estou encontrando esse pote hermetico, onde vc comprou?


Obrigada 😃


I looked for this pot also in various places, mas nao estou encontrando… guess out of line =(


I am also looking for this airtight pot, mas não estou encontrando… I think out of line =(

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