F-Zero – Super Nintendo (SNES)

F-Zero It was the first game I've seen running on a Super Nintendo. Immediately became one of my favorite. I love to racing games, and that was really innovative. It is one of the first games of the Super Nintendo, and explores the fine Mode 7, Console feature that lets you rotate and distort textures, creating graphics that appear three-dimensional.

At the time I still had my first Sega Genesis (the Mega Drive US), addition to a Master System and my first Atari 2600, they were leaning. Although I was impressed with the F-Zero, still I kept true to Sega Genesis for another good time. Then I remember that the time has come to rent Super Nintendo. It was only with the release of Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo, and the intensification of the island rentals is that my parents decided to give me a Super Nintendo, but conditioned the sale of other three islands :(.

F-Zero - Super Nintendo (SNES)

F-Zero – Super Nintendo (SNES)

In all the time I had the Super Nintendo, I had only a single game, the Super Mario World that comes with the console. I not remember if the games were so expensive, I know the video game magazines of the time had ads and the prices were always in dollars, because our currency (cruise, crossed again, I can not remember more than that much changed) It was so short that prices in national currency almost doubled in two or three months. Unfortunately, thanks to Dilma, which lost control of inflation, we are heading into this reality again. In magazines, at “(old)” ahead of the game name in the ad indicated that the cartridge was original or “alternative”, and the latter were a bit cheaper, but not both.

The deal was to look for the best rental, those who brought the new games faster. But F-Zero I found normally in one of the least chimes rental, that did not have many games, nor indeed had tradition in games because it was a rental movies. But the game Super Nintendo were all unique Japanese games, what astonished the people who had the Super Nintendo US but had not yet cut the plastic travinhas that prevented the use of Japanese games, and so it was easier to find the cartridges there. I remember that after a while came back this rental and cartridges were all melted with a pair of holes in the plastic, done with a hot iron probably, allowing the use in the North American Super Nintendo even with the latches. I believe that the video store owners tired of losing leases or hear complaints that the cartridges did not enter the console.

But if I could choose a game from the Super Nintendo to have, this game would possibly F-Zero. I remember a shop that had it for sale, original norte-americano, and from time to time I went to make sure he was still there waiting for me. F-Zero It is a game that needs to be original, because it stores the best lap times and race on each track (the famous record). The times are not lost when you turn off the console, thanks to the battery in the cartridge. Cartridges “Alternative” They used to not having the battery, and it was common to see games that originally had the battery giving high bugs because of that, besides obviously not save anything. The battle for better times certainly gave a lifeline to the game, even for those who had already won three championships.

Other candidates were Super Mario Kart, the Tecmo Super NBA Basketball, the Striker, and clear, the various Street Fighter. But time passed, in 1994 I got my first computer (at 286) and interest in video games was decreasing, without my having acquired any cartridge. The Super Nintendo ended up leaning for years and years, It is turned on only occasionally to kill the longing of Super Mario World. And nearly two decades after he finally returned to active duty once, thanks to acquisitions as SD2SNES, the RGB SCART out and the Framemeister.

And today I can finally play F-Zero to my Super Nintendo, hardware original, and the best image possible for modern TVs. But not everything is perfect, if today the availability of games to have fun with the real hardware is no longer a problem, free time to play has become. 🙂 Afinal já se foi o tempo em que a única responsabilidade era ir à escola, study and get good grades. But still, on a beautiful Saturday in April I decided to take the F-Zero to play seriously and the result is the video down there:

Managed to win the Knight League, a Queen League, and… in King League não deu 🙁 mas ainda assim fiquei bastante satisfeito considerando que não jogava para valer há pelo menos duas décadas.

To close I leave, as costume, list of items that were used to make the recording gameplay from the F-Zero, which have been shown here in Skooter Blog:

  1. Elgato - Game Capture HD60
  2. Super Nintendo
  3. Framemeister XRGB Mini
  4. SD2SNES
  5. RGB SCART Cable for Super Nintendo (CSYNC) com upgrade para Multicore Coax
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