Rocky – Master System

Rocky on the Master System. Based on the excellent film series, I had everything to be a great game. The graphics are very good for a console 8 bits. The soundtrack is also great, but strangely used original songs and the theme of the movie does not appear in game. Good sound effects too.

Playing against CPU, are just 3 struggles with the following objector: Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang e Ivan Drago, in increasing difficulty. Winning the Ivan Drago, the game ends. Of course I could not wait for the Tommy Gunn, because the game is 1987, and the fifth film in the series was not released 1990. O Mason Dixon do filme de 2006 obviously also not appear. 🙂 Mas por que os produtores não incluíram alguns dos primeiros adversários do Rocky Balboa? I know they just appeared in the movies, but a game with more it would be interesting 3 fights.

Rocky - Master System

Rocky – Master System

The first fight is relatively easy, contrary to what we see in the film, but with the Lang has become much more difficult and Drago is almost impossible to win. Before each fight there is training, consisting of punch punching bags or coach Mickey gloves. Making qualifying score, Rocky improves your skills for fight.

The attention to detail film is somewhat mixed. The characters are well designed, a Adrian aparece no final (is not spoiler when the game is over 25 years :P). In the first fight Rocky is with a white shorts and the other two it is already with the shorts which won the Apollo, which shows that the developers have paid attention to this detail. On the other hand, in some other details fidelity to the film comes down: in the first training, before the fight with Apollo, Rocky is already the Apollo shorts. And in the third training, before the fight with Drago, Rocky punches Mickey coach gloves as he raises the, to train the reflexes. But wait, Mickey died in the third film (It is not spoiler when the film has 30 years :P), how it could be training the Rocky to fight with Drago?

But these details do not make the bad game. As I already mentioned, good gráficos, boom. But it's the gameplay that leaves a little to be desired. The button 1 advocates, button 2 soca, ok. But the movement and even the time to fit the blows is somewhat mysterious. Even reading the manual you can not draw very well how to act. It ends up being easier to just push the button to strike as soon as possible and move the directional pad to choose between the types of scams. In training, especially the first two, press the buttons as fast as possible is what should be done. And when the player is hit and falls, you also need to press the buttons as fast as possible to try to make it up.

Fidelity to boxing rules also highlighted. Knock down the opponent 3 times in one round and win by TKO. Knock down the opponent so that he can not get in 10 seconds to win by KO. Attention to energy bar, the less energy, the harder it is to get up after a fall. Some energy is recovered when the fighter can get up. At the end of each round appears the score obtained by each fighter (ok, this does not occur in reality, but in sim game). If the fight drags on until the 12th round without knockout, the score should decide who is the winner. I confess I've never been to the last round, unlike the Rocky movies. Whenever I win or lose by knockout before. In the video you can check that won the Drago in the sixth round.

In the “story mode” I enjoy, the two-player mode is what most falls short. Him the first player is necessarily the Rocky, and the second chooses between Apollo, Lang or Drago. Want an Apollo versus Lang struggle as indeed happened in the third film? Forget! The most annoying is that there is a clear imbalance between the fighters. Rocky will always win the Apollo and Drago will always win the Rocky, unless the opponent very falter. Rocky versus Lang is a little more balanced, but still quite tilts the balance Lang.

I once did a mini-league home, with two friends. To be fair, were 18 fights: seis de Rocky versus Apollo, so that each one has played twice with Rocky and two with Apollo, one against each opponent. Depois seis de Rocky versus Lang e seis de Rocky versus Drago. The result was that Apollo lost all, did not have a chance, and Drago won all easily, regardless of who was playing with them. Only in Lang vs. Rocky is that the joke had some grace and managed to make my skill worth a little more (after all at that time was the only one of three that had the Master System) and win one with Rocky, what cost me the championship. It would be much more fun if the fighters stay balanced in the two-player mode, As with most fighting games.

Finally, I leave a little video of my return to Rocky, after more than 20 years as usual. Return with real hardware (No Emulation) only now possible due to the acquisition of Mega Everdrive. Almost lost to Drago, but in the end can win and embrace Adrian. So this is a video from start to end. 🙂

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