Problems and Solutions: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos no longer works with Vivo chip (data connection)

This problem seems to be affecting many (or all) the owners of cell Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos with official firmware and using chip (SIM card) operator Live. The symptom is a message “No SIM Card” that is constantly appearing. Just the phone plug on the live data network so that the message appears, turning off the chip and interrupting every voice connection and data from both chips, even if one of them is from another carrier. Then, the chip is recognized again, the message appears again and the cycle begins again.

The only way to use the phone under such conditions is to disable the data connection (“Mobile Data”) or leave the data connection because the other SIM card, provided it is not too Vivo. In my case, the second chip is TIM, and began to use it for data connection temporarily while searching for another solution.

Despite the many reports of this problem, and only in the Claim Site Here there are at least ten of them, Samsung seems to be little regard. They have already left the Galaxy Grand Duos has enough time. The phone was released with Android 4.1 and received a single update to the 4.2, that still left with significant delay. Since then there have been no updates. For these and other (like battery problem) I do not intend to buy anything more from Samsung.

Searching for a solution, I decided to risk installing CyanogenMod version 12. The CyanogenMod is a free and firmware, built by the community. Version 12 It is based on Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop). The goal of staff CyanogenMod is offering a firmware with higher performance and reliability than the original. And I'm happy to say that the CyanogenMod 12 and the Lollipop completely solved my problem with Vivo chip.

Remember that the installation of CyanogenMod It involves some little trivial operations, as the installation of ClockworkMod and other. Inclusive o Galaxy Grand Duos It is not officially supported by CyanogenMod. The version for Grand Duos It is not official. Anyway, There is real risk that your phone turn a paperweight. If this happens do not blame the developers let alone my. If you want to install, assume the risk. The installation of an unofficial firmware also voids the warranty, if anyone has a Grand Duos still under warranty.

It is good to pay attention to the list of known problems CyanogenMod 12 on the Grand Duos. The most notable may be the lack of FM Radio. I do not remember having used the FM radio in Grand Duos in all over 2 years that I have, so for me it was no great loss.

I had quite a bit of experience in installing firmwares Alternative, I did not have big problems to follow only instructions given in the forum in which the ROM was presented. Even I looked for a more detailed tutorial, but it seems that nowadays only done through tutorial video on Youtube. I miss the text with tutorials times and at most a few screenshots. Today no matter how simple the procedure, It may be something that is done in 30 seconds, but there will be a video on Youtube of 10 minutes or more teaching how to make. To understand that this is because the authors of the tutorials seeking compensation from YouTube advertisements, and they really deserve to be rewarded for their work. But it's getting boring, this is! 🙂

On post do forum xdadevelopers there are already links to the ROM and the additional with Google Apps. There is also the link to the ClockworkMod recovery with SELinux support, that needs to be installed. It takes the phone is already on Android 4.2, what should be the case for all doing automatic updates. To install ClockworkMod recovery with SELinux support (I downloaded the tar version) It is accurate Odin, which downloaded here. Got the latest version at the moment is the 3.10.6. Drivers Samsung I had already installed, I think Windows already installed by default when the phone is connected, because I never installed the crap from Samsung on the PC in question.

The Odin must be run as administrator. This is important, to run without administrator as it opens without complaint, but gets the interface buzzing (at least on Windows 10 I am using). Then booted the phone in Recovery mode, holding the Home button, Volume down and Power together. Once the phone name appears on the screen is only release the Power, but keep the other two buttons pressed to load the Recovery mode. Then I connected the phone to your PC via USB. On Odin then appears the COM port where the phone was loaded. I loaded the tar of ClockworkMod recovery with SELinux support na caixa AP do Odin. The options, I left only marked “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time”, which is the standard, but it's nice check. Then just click Start and wait. Very important not to turn off the PC, or unplug or turn off the phone right now.

Much attention to the moment that Odin ends the service and the phone restarts. At that moment it takes hold Home and Volume Down again. Failing to do so makes the Recovery back to the original version and then installing CyanogenMod does not work.

Then just restart and this time hold Home and Volume Up to enter the ClockworkMod recovery with SELinux support. At the micro SD card should already be the two ZIP files containing the CyanogenMod and the Google Apps, respectively. Another important detail: the ClockworkMod do not read the exFAT system. If you have a higher card than 32GB, as is the case of my micro SD de 64GB, probably it will be formatted with the exFAT file system and you can not read it with ClockworkMod. Yes, exFAT works perfectly on Android, but Developers ClockworkMod They can not include support for exFAT legally, By Microsoft licensing issues, which owns format. FAT32, on the other hand, works perfectly. Then, to upgrade I used 2GB card that came with the Grand Duos. After the update just put the micro SD de 64GB back and okay.

Once booted with ClockworkMod, I used the option “wipe data” as recommended, and then I installed the two ZIPs, with the ROM and Google Apps. There was just reset and ready, I was with CyanogenMod 12 installed. When logging into Google has begun to re-install all my programs, but data and settings, inclusive as de rede WiFi, They were not recovered.

They are just under 24 hours with CyanogenMod 12, then it is still early to assess. Overall my experience has been positive. The system seems to have become faster than before, even with all the applications already installed. Navigation became more fluid, opening programs is faster, and even the applications appear to be faster. The management two cards is somewhat more limited than with the firmware original, but even I liked the idea of ​​choosing which chip want to use every time I make a call or send an SMS, because the Samsung original system often I was going to do something and had to cancel to go back and change the selected card.

I missed an option to configure the camera to save photos on the card, and had to appeal to an app for that: FolderMount. The application requires root, so I had to do it. This requires entering the option “About phone” and click 7 times on the item “Version number”. No novo menu “Developer options” you can enable root.

Of the applications tested to date, all funcionaram. An exception is for SD Maid, what worked and even released a good space on my system, but when run makes the memory card becomes inaccessible and the cell needs a reboot to re-access it. How is something that will only run if necessary, I think you can live.

Now I will be cheering for the CyanogenMod continues to function well in Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos wait and not be surprised by new bugs that prevent me from using the live data network or any other item. Thus the Grand Duos is gaining a survival rate and can put off buying a new phone for a while.

Por fim, is interesting to note how community developers, they receive nothing for their work in the same, often do a better job than the handset makers that are gaining great for this.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos rodando o CyanogenMod 12 (Android 5.0.2 - Lollipop)

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos rodando o CyanogenMod 12 (Android 5.0.2 – Lollipop)

Update (28/08/2015): A quick solution for those who want to keep the original operating system is entering the Vivo APN settings and restore the factory settings. I do not know if it's a permanent solution, but the principle works.

Update (31/08/2015): Updated link Odin, because apparently there are several sites distributing illegitimate malware using the name of Odin.

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Is my friend, we are condemned to buy another device! So reading your text, I discovered that must be why Samsung has not updated their devices: Because I know that in Brazil you pay a tale for another company to acquire.


Just go in Vivo store and they enter a number on your configuration ,without installing firmware

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