Johnny Castaway no Windows de 64 bits – Windows 10

Remember screensaver from the Johnny Castaway? He became famous at the time of Windows 3.1. And it was my screen saver for a long period. But then came Windows 95. After the resolution of 800×600 was no longer being standard to make way for higher resolutions in the Johnny Castaway only occupied the screen center. It gradually became difficult to run old screensaver. Finally, os Windows de 64 bits just once with no possibility, as they do not run more application 16 bits, as in the case of Johnny Castaway.

From time to time I was looking for on Google to see if there was any news. And today I finally found. There 8 months the user ztjuh posted a solution on Reddit involving DOSBox. Based on the information, the Screensavers Planet created a tutorial very detailed.

Quite liked the solution, I installed it on my Windows 10 from 64 bits and it worked perfectly, full screen and as a screen saver even. The DOSBox emulates DOS on an x86 architecture. In package ztjuh we already have the Windows Components 3 needed to rotate the screensaver. I until the deal would be somewhat heavy and time-consuming to load, but it was until very fast.

I only two points at which the solution could be improved:

  1. The sound is not enabled by default. It must download a second package with the installation of the Sound Blaster 16, that is emulated by DOSBox. Then the sound works, but it has all the extra step of opening the facility, configurar IRQ, etc.
  2. Following the tutorial, our installation DOSBox It is exclusive to rotate the Johnny Castaway, but I like to use it for other purposes.

To fix these two issues and also facilitate my next installations Johnny Castaway in other machines, I decided to put their hands dirty and do some modifications.

First, I created a conf file DOSBox to separate only the Johnny Castaway, and has left him with the package to facilitate. Also created a batch to perform DOSBox with this configuration file, so that only add it in Screen Launcher. Por fim, I put the installer Screen Launcher Also in the package and already bundled with Windows Sound Blaster 16 already in place to avoid this extra step.

The result is this 13MB package and the following:

  1. Unzip the Castaway.7z on the way you prefer (I used the E:\ )
  2. Install DOSBox
  3. Edit the file DOSBox-castaway.conf and section [autoexec], adjust the path in command mount trading and:\castaway the path where the file is uncompressed
  4. Edit the file castaway.bat, adjusting the ways of DOSBox and the DOSBox-castaway.conf for your system
  5. Enter the directory Screen Launcher, click the right button on Screen Launcher.scr and then Install
  6. No program Screen Launcher, put path castaway.bat

As I did not want to take my old screensaver, I ended up leaving the two with the help of Random Screensaver. Tip: add Screen Launcher.scr own and:\castaway and in the case of my other screensaver – Photo Screensaver Plus – it is in the C:\WindowsSysWOW64PhotoScreensaverPlus.scr

Johnny Castaway

Johnny Castaway

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Muito legal! My favorite screensaver is back. Thank you very much Skooter! Big hug.


Bah remember I saw this screen saver 1994 the first time you shifted a computer with color screen at school, We did not do anything in class just to stare at the screen saver.

Luigi Fontana

i did the dos box thing and it runs the screen saver and i hear sound… but i only see the opening screen and it doesnt change to the island or him moving even though i hear the activities he is doing i dont see anything other than the opening screen almost as if the screen is not refreshing itself. Any help out there for me ?

Altaf Fatima

He's not the option to install the screen launcher… ;/ by clicking with the bot right.

Altaf Fatima

I can not install the screen launcher… He's not an option when you click with the right… :/


Congratulations on posting and adaptations, worked great Windows 10.
Thank you!

Sergio Ronald

Perfect, Thank you very much! Voltei ao meus tempos de Win 3.1 🙂


Nice! Blog reZenhando!

Marcio Garrido

Valeu camarada, uso este screen saver desde 1994 (só deixei de usar no me atual PC), yet!!! Thank you!!!

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