Super Soccer / Great Soccer / World Soccer – Master System

I always liked sports and sports games in video games, among them football. If on one hand, classic platform games like Sonic and Mario are and will always be remembered, the same can not be said of sports games. Each new version of FIFA or PES leaves the previous version immediately obsolete. Everyone wants to play with the latest version, although the advances are not many. And that's how the sports games of old consoles end up being forgotten and rarely appear on the lists of “Top 10” and the like that are always appearing.

But I will do my part to keep alive the memory of the ancient sports games! 🙂 Começarei com o primeiro jogo de futebol que joguei em consoles de terceira geração, not just mais Master System: the Super Soccer, it was released in Brazil by Tec Toy. Not, It is not a big game, It was pretty limited even for the Master System, but rather I had fun with them. The matches with friends were always well played, such Fifa which it is nowadays. And consider that before that we were messing with the Skin's Soccer in Atari 2600, then advance until it was pretty big.

As mencionei, Tec Toy released the game as Super Soccer, whose cover I just found this Senior Game Article and I reproduce below. I always thought this cool unique style of Sega Master System Hood in. Long before having a Master System I remember getting admiring the boxes in the closed window when he was in Lojas Americanas.

Super Soccer booklet - Master System

Super Soccer booklet – Master System

In game home screen the name that appeared, com o console da Tec Toy, era Great Soccer, which is the name of the game in the US. Today I know that in European and Japanese islands he called himself World Soccer, that's how it was called in Europe and Japan. It seems confusing? Really is :). But try to explain. The fact is that in Japan and in Europe, Sega had already released a game with the name of Great Soccer above. The Master System was a series of sports games starting with “Great”. As the Great series has had a football, Sega ended up calling the new game World Soccer in Japan and Europe. But in the us the Great Soccer Japanese / European was never even released. Americans would be without a football in Great series? Oh no, we call the World of Soccer Great Soccer US and everything is solved. And that's what made Sega.

Note that the same ROM was released in three continents, what the game does is make sure it is in an American console, Japanese or European and then show the appropriate title. O Master System da Tec Toy identifica-se tal qual um Master System americano e, therefore, the screen name appears as Great Soccer. Tec Toy also never launched the Great Soccer European / Japanese, so there was no confusion at the time.

Super Soccer - Master System

Super Soccer – Master System

Super Soccer / Great Soccer / World Soccer was only 8 selections: Argentina, West Germany, France, Brazil, Great Britain, Italy, United States and Japan. When selecting a team we heard a lot of his anthem. There championships or anything like that, only even equivalent to “friendly” in today's games. Even playing against the CPU we do is just select our team and the opponent. They could have put at least one championship mode where we could play with 7 opponents in a row and finish the game. A pity.

The selections in the Super Soccer - Master System

The selections in the Super Soccer – Master System

The game mechanics is not the best, the players walk to tranquinhos, They give cart automatically when they get close to the opponent with the ball. The player with a small arrow is what we are controlling. When Ball possession, a button serves to pass the ball to a teammate, which is always what is fat with the arrow pointing to it, there is no way to choose. The other button kicks for goal, ou for a front. Bicycle kicks are constant. Also control the goalkeeper, so when we are defending the times we have to choose between trying to steal the ball with the defender or prepare to defend a kick with the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper does not jump and does not move too fast, then it is good to position well. In get the shot off the goal also displays a small arrow that indicates where we kick the ball.

Super Soccer - Master System

Super Soccer – Master System

The penalty shootout happens when the game ends in a draw, but it can also be selected for an isolated dispute. For the collector, just choose a position on the directional pad and kick, the other button sets whether the kick is closer to the center or to the corners. On penalties goalkeeper jumps. You may already hold the directional pad and buttons to jump along with the kick guessing the corner, or wait for the kick and jump after. Waiting to jump is impossible to catch the balls in the corners and angle, but if the player kick near the middle gives to jump and then pick. Guessing the exact position you can catch any ball. With two players, hide the opponent's control at the time of collection is critical.


And to close, as costume, I leave here my return to video Super Soccer, already without my childhood skills, just lost. 🙁 Também como de costume, the video is recorded with real hardware (No Emulation) and the screenshots this article were also taken from him.

The equipment used for this capture was:

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Lembrei do Sega Soccer do mega drive. The only football game that really played. Because, It was one of cartridge games 10 games that accompanied the unit.

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Muito legal!!!! Nossa esse jogo até hoje é especial pra mim, eu queria que existisse tipo um club, ou qualquer coisa que reunisse outras pessoas como eu para poder compartilhar a mesma ideia.

Hian Reis

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