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Continuing series of football matches in classic consoles, today we talk about the World Soccer 94 – Road to Glory from the Super Nintendo, the US summer Striker, as it was called in Europe. The version that met here in Brazil was the European, only recently learned that the US this game took another name. Strangely rom Striker ocasiona us glitches hideous graphics in the field lawn when I use it with SD2SNES. I have not figured out why. As or Striker It functioned normally there 22 years in this same Super Nintendo I have today, I can only conclude that the cartridge ROM that I played was different or there is some incompatibility with SD2SNES. Or maybe the cartridge Striker the time (all pirates) already had some adaptation in the ROM to run in American consoles. From now on I will refer to the game as Striker when speaking of any feature that both versions have in common, because that's how the game became known here, at least for me.

The Striker It is an extremely fast game, what pleases some and displease others. At the time I really liked it, and he began to divide the rank of “My favorite football game” no Super Nintendo com o Super Formation Soccer, which I will speak in future article. Openness is something funny to see these days: sprites players giving zoom in and zoom out all pixelated, I found ao trophies passando, rotating field (something already used at the opening of Goal!, that also speak on future article). Ultimately, They took all Mode effects 7 Super Nintendo and randomly used the most tacky as possible in the style “child making collages in Paintbrush”. But at the time it seemed cool. 🙂

Abertura do World Soccer 94 - Road to Glory

Abertura do World Soccer 94 – Road to Glory

On Striker there is a menu to select from several European languages, whereas the Portuguese is not one of them. On World Soccer 94 – Road to Glory there is no language selection menu and the only one available is English. Another change in the American version is that the names of the players are all fictional, whereas in Striker the names of the major players of the main selections are real. I remember that Romario was one of them.

The game has a unique music, touching the opening and all menus. I get the impression I'm a song scanned rather than generated by the sound processor of the Super Nintendo, but can only print. During the game we hear is only the noise of the crowd and touches on the ball. The Striker It is also the first football game I remember seeing replays of goals.

There are plenty of game modes, including friendlies, Championships, suspenders, etc. Are 64 selections. You can also play on the field or on the court (indoor soccer). On the court the game is very different because the ball does not go out, no side, goal kicks or corners, because the ball always bounces and vote for court, giving a different dynamic to the game. Field, there are different climatic conditions, dry and wet lawn alter the game speed. There is also the wind, which can change the trajectory of the ball. Ultimately, is a game with nice graphics and good gameplay for the time.

World Soccer 94 - Road to Glory

World Soccer 94 – Road to Glory

Indoor Soccer in the World Soccer 94 - Road to Glory

Indoor Soccer in the World Soccer 94 – Road to Glory

And my video is showing World Soccer 94 – Road to Glory:

To close I leave, as costume, list of items that were used to make the recording gameplay from the World Soccer 94 – Road to Glory, which have been shown here in Skooter Blog:

  1. Elgato - Game Capture HD60 – for capturing video in digital format and Full HD 60fps.
  2. Super Nintendo – North American model
  3. Framemeister XRGB Mini – doing the upscale to the image Super Nintendo para 1080p Full HD.
  4. SD2SNES – the cartridge "magic" that reads my games from a simple SD card and works just like the original cartridges.
  5. RGB SCART Cable for Super Nintendo (CSYNC) com upgrade para Multicore Coax – leading to RGB, best image possible to extract a Super Nintendo com hardware original, for the Framemeister.

Update (30/10/2015): I also made a video of Striker the European version, including glitches, and the World Soccer, the Japanese version of Striker, que funciona perfeitamente no meu Super Nintendo. In both cases, Players names are the actual names of mid- 1993. The Brazilian team had Taffarel, Jorginho, White, Moser, Aloisio, Dunga, Owns, Geovani, German, bald, Romario, Bebeto, Mirandinha, Ricardo, Muller, e Silas.

Update (12/07/2018): Ontem encontrei um ad de cartucho do Striker no Mercado Livre que reforça minha teoria de que os cartuchos que aluguei na infância tinha o jogo modificado para funcionar em 60 Hz (consoles NTSC/PAL-M). No anúncio trata-se de um cartucho pirata e há uma tela de intro do grupo que adaptou o jogo para funcionar em consoles NTSC.

Cartucho pirata do Striker no Brasil.

Cartucho pirata do Striker no Brasil.

Tela de intro com informações sobre o grupo que realizou a adaptação para que o Striker funcionasse em consoles NTSC.

Tela de intro com informações sobre o grupo que realizou a adaptação para que o Striker funcionasse em consoles NTSC.

Cartucho pirata do Striker no Brasil.

Cartucho pirata do Striker no Brasil.

It should be remembered that the Striker foi lançado na Europa primeiro, in 1992, e só no ano seguinte (1993) foi lançado nos EUA e no Japão, com os nomes de World Soccer ’94: Road to Glory and World Soccer, respectively, o que justifica a adaptação. Still in 1993, o jogo foi relançado na França com o nome Eric Cantona Football Challenge, taking advantage of the popularity of French player.

Furthermore, I confirmed that the music is actually generated by the processor of the Super Nintendo. Probably sounds different because of the samples being used, Since the Super Nintendo lets you work with them, analogously to the formed MOD.

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MTO bacana ,but for me the serie of Humam super formation sooccer so naom is the best football game on the snes but the best football game ever created the gameplay is absurdly perfect !


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