nov 03 2015

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Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches

In the Mouse Óptico Wireless Dell WM324 described in the previous article, also got the Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches as a gift for my wife, since it recently acquired the Notebook Dell Inspiron I14-3442-B10 com Intel® Core™ i3-4005U, 4GB, 1TB, DVD engraver, Card Reader, HDMI, Bluetooth, LED 14″ e Windows 8.1 but still had a backpack to store it and transport it.

I have one Mochila Dell Curve who came could negotiate as a gift when buying a laptop. She seems to have stepped out of line, but is still in great conditions. So I opted for Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches, which seems even better, well divisions. Are 3 great divisions, including laptop, side pockets, and a smaller pocket at the top, well-lined, suitable to carry a cell phone, for example. In the front room there are also other smaller divisions for pens and other items. There is another pocket on the front. All zippered. Ultimately, It seems to me a great backpack.

Check out two photos of Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches:

Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches

Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches

Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches

Mochila Dell Tek de 15,6 inches

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