Super Soccer – Super Nintendo

Super Soccer It is the American version of Super Formation Soccer, as it is called in Japan. It was the Japanese version I first met. And some time later I also renting the American version. Moreover, in those days it was common to hire repeated game without knowing, because many times the game was not original, I had no box, and / or the cover had no single screenshot to give a clue. If memory serves me, was the third football game I met in Super Nintendo, after Super Soccer Champ and Goal! Quickly became my favorite. It was developed by Human Entertainment and released in Japan in late 1991. In the West it was launched in 1992.

Super Soccer - Super Nintendo

Super Soccer – Super Nintendo

Sixteen teams are present, and ranqueadas as follows: Germany, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Holland, England, Cameroon, Romania, Ireland, France, U.S., Japan, Colombia, Yugoslavia, Uruguay and Belgium. Tournament mode, We choose a selection and we must overcome all other, Belgium Germany, in 15 games. In the end we still need to win the team of Human, which became the Nintendo team in the American version, to finally complete the game.

Super Soccer - Super Nintendo

Super Soccer – Super Nintendo

Player names are written in Japanese (katakana?) on the Super Formation Soccer, so do not know if they are real or not. On Super Soccer the names are in Roman characters. The Brazilian team is formed by Riki, Nile, Lope, Basque, Almir, Erico, Edgar, Paul, Filled, Edson and Beni. Na reserva temos Heito, Nobody, Lito, Gasar e Pablo. Apparently the Edson is inspired by the Pele, but the rest I unaware. Argentina selection has a Diego who is the best player on the team, then already gave to draw what they did.

Super Soccer - Super Nintendo: Edson, hein? Realized what you have done here ....

Super Soccer – Super Nintendo: Edson 10, hein? I saw what you did here…

In addition to the different title and team's Human-turned Nintendo, the American version brings a different trophy, less like the FIFA. The advertisements in lawn signs also change in the American version, making the Game Boy advertisement. Also included only one penalty shootout mode. Even sprites players changed. Other differences are identified this article (in French). I believe it was Nintendo who took the game's release in the West and made the changes he wanted. Japan also launched the Human Super Formation Soccer II, supporting 4 simultaneous players with accessory multi-tap, the Super Formation Soccer 94, based on the Cup 1994, the Super Formation Soccer 95: Serie A, and the Super Formation Soccer 96: World Club Edition. None have been released outside of Japan, but Super Formation Soccer II I got the rent and complete. Will be the subject of a future article.

Super Soccer - Super Nintendo: Yellow card

Super Soccer – Super Nintendo: Yellow card

Now, to SD2SNES, I also met the European version, which seemed identical to American. Met also an Arcade version of the American version is in the collection of the No-Intro. I noticed that in the Arcade version can not choose the team roster, or put the goalkeeper in manual or change the starting time. It seemed a bit faster too, but maybe it's just an impression. I researched enough, but found the explanations that it is such a version.

The Super Soccer / Super Formation Soccer innovated because of the perspective. The course is vertically, but the angle lets you see the team's goal playing at the top all the time, is the ball anywhere on the field. The game and took the effect Mode 7 from the Super Nintendo, that is used all the time to create this perspective. The pace of the game is not the fastest when compared to other football games, It is the opposite of Striker, which in a way makes the game more real both, less elastic scoreboards. To steal the ball can be used body set and cart, It is that eventually the judge gives the foul and yellow card or, in some cases, direct red. The player with the yellow card hangs and their number appears in a different color. It is rare to take card for cart, it is more common to take card with body game. Passes can also be specific to a player, what's with arrow, and it can change the arrow with the L and R buttons, giving a different dynamic to the game.

The soundtrack is quite varied, there's a song for each selection. The first time we hear the music of a selection and the second time we hear the music of another, the music that plays is the team that attacks to the upper side. The sound effects are ok, with digitized voices cries when players are dropped into a body of game. We also cry “goal” scanned appearing after a goal, when a screen appears with the player celebrating and we also learn your name and number. When exit an own goal, instead of player celebrating we see the match being consoled by another player and digitized voice says “Oh my God” in the Japanese version. But in the western version the phrase was replaced by a “Oh No!”, because the American Nintendo does not like references to God. At first you can imagine that the American Nintendo is composed of a Toddynho bunch of neo-atheists screaming “videogame laico … mimimi”. But the truth is that the American Nintendo blamed much (here are some examples this video). A classic case, which has been shown in some magazines of the time, was that of Jessica's Final Fight, appearing bra in arcade and Sega CD, but gained a dress on Super Nintendo. In this case both versions (Japanese and American) tem a censura, but there are several other items in the same game that were censored only in US version, including removal of references to alcohol, transgender enemies turning into men, blood being replaced by explosions, names exchanged heads, skin tones of whitened enemies, Chief wheelchair turning an ordinary chair and, clear, at “Oh! My God” becoming “Oh! My Car”.

Ultimately, the Super Soccer It is a beautiful game of football for Super Nintendo, quite innovative and taking advantage of pretty much what the Mode 7 I had to offer. It is true that football games on consoles evolved much in these 24 years since its launch, but it certainly deserves his place in history. It's a shame that the proceedings have been restricted to Japan.

E como de costume, is my video showing Super Soccer. Or both Super Soccer and the Super Formation Soccer They are on my short list of old finished the games of my childhood book games. But these 24 years enferrujei me a bit and I could not pass the third game. I try again at another time.

The short list of ended my childhood games, with Super Formation Soccer on position 29 and Super Soccer in position 63

The short list of ended my childhood games, with Super Formation Soccer on position 29 and Super Soccer in position 63

And is a list of the items that were used to make the recording gameplay from the Super Soccer, which have been shown here in Skooter Blog:

  1. Elgato - Game Capture HD60 - For capturing video in digital format and Full HD 60fps.
  2. Super Nintendo - US model
  3. Framemeister XRGB Mini - doing the upscale to the image Super Nintendo para 1080p Full HD.
  4. SD2SNES - The cartridge "magic" that reads my games from a simple SD card and works just like the original cartridges.
  5. RGB SCART Cable for Super Nintendo (CSYNC) com upgrade para Multicore Coax - Leading to RGB, best image possible to extract a Super Nintendo com hardware original, for the Framemeister.
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Junior lincoln

best ever football series created a friend have all the original cartcuhos but I was curious for the arcade version there that you played in the sd2snes if I could thank ja rom mandara ,and congratulations for materia mto show friend !


Good morning! When I had 16 years, I was very happy that my father gave me the SuperNintendo, at the time I wanted it because I liked StreetFighter and I still do today, but then I had a Super Soccer cartridge and I also played a lot. Today I downloaded a SuperNes emulator and the game to relive this time and I have a generic USB control (similar to the PS4). Well I relived my teenage years, and it was really cool (yesterday around 2 am I managed to beat the Nintendo team, by 3×2 playing with the Germany team (I tried with Brazil…but I could not..:0( ). For those who want the password for the final against the Nintendo team, this is it ( right arrow, left down arrow, left arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow up, down arrow and up arrow). They were playing several times, almost 2 months but not direct (enjoying the pandemic), and among these plays, I was watching the game. In the final I managed to win, by a specific strategy, (I chose manual goalkeeper and the tactical sweeper scheme). Why Manual Sweeper and Goalkeeper: Because when you're playing and winning, there's a trick for you to keep playing… Read more "

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