Master Club da Tec Toy – O Clube do Master System

The Master Club was created by Tec Toy in years 90. It was certainly part of the Tec Toy strategy to compete with imported consoles and the clone NES. Who acquired a System Tec Toy Master received a business reply card that could be completed and sent to become part of the club. Participants in the Master Club paid a newsletter with game tips, releases, record books, etc. Probably had other advantages that no longer recall more.

And moving here in my old stuff I ended up finding my cards Master Club. Yes, are both, Tec Toy must have made some mistake at the time and was with two entries. They are cardboard, but I plastifiquei them at the time and they are made whole today. Um tempo mais tarde o Master Club e o Mega Club, the Mega Drive Club, They were unified and Sega Club emerged. Then a new card was issued, this time in plastic, Named in relief, similar to a credit card, but that I have not found. I know I still have it saved somewhere. One day it appears.

Master Club Membership Card

Master Club Membership Card

Master Club Membership Card

Master Club Membership Card

Junto com os cartões encontrei também uma série de jornaizinhos do Master Club, inclusive o número 1, the time were still black and white. I also found jornaizinhos Sega Club, some letters from Tec Toy answering my many questions, and tips and game scripts that Tec Toy sent me when I asked.

For those who are younger and did not live in an era where there was Internet may seem silly. Na more time was something of great value. Aside from magazines games, there was no other way to get tips and codes for games. For the launches also depended only the magazines and any ads on TV. And to answer questions, only sending letters to Tec Toy same.

Did about 200 fotos do material e pretendo fazer uma série de artigos para ir publicando-as com comentários. Caso haja interesse da comunidade, It can also scan the jornaizinhos and guides and available in PDF format, CBR, ou something. If there is no maybe I do anyway, mas guarde só para mim 🙂

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Bruno Siqueira
Bruno Siqueira

Ansioso pelo resto do material 😀


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Ulysses 8Bits

Ótimo ver esse material da Tec Toy. São coisas que se perderam e praticamente ninguém resgata. Pelo menos a digitalização e a publicação mantém a informação viva. Very good.

Rafael Lima

Olá friend, você poderia disponibilizar um scan dessa carteirinha e as medidas dela. I was member of the club as a kid but my ID card was lost through the years. I wanted to make a play with my name and one with the name of my daughter. I would be extremely grateful.


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